Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tattoo Wishlist

The big one. I've wanted something very similar to this for ages! I'd like mine a little smaller on the front of my right thigh. It would be a tribute to my parents, even thought they aren't entirely keen on the idea. They both have tattoos but aren't keen on me getting any more, probably just worried encase I regret it. Awh well, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!  

My second most wanted tattoo is a character from Tim Burton's first short film, Vincent. The amount of times I have watched it is crazy, I don't even think I can count that high. There was a time were I would put it on straight after I had come home from a nigh out. I would just sit on my own at 5am, probably eating everything in the house. Strange, very strange. Anyway, left leg above the ankle is where I would like this beauty.

Very simple, very meaningful. An equality tattoo, I desperately want this on the side of my middle finger on the part closest to the knuckle if that makes sense. However I'm too scared of what my mummy would say, yes I am 21 and yes I still listen to my mother. But I could hide it if I wanted to right? Right? Please say yes. 

I only came across this design a few nights ago and I think it fits what I want perfectly. I've always wanted something to do with us humans being connected to the universe. Skeleton is all humans, in the ocean the oldest most natural of human condition and a mermaid, who doesn't love mermaids. I just thought the pearl was the realisation of that, the key.   

This tattoo has become a bit of a trend, I've seen a lot of it on Pinterest but I think it's the cutest idea. I would 100% get the coordinates of my home town if I moved away permanently. The placement in this picture is perfect I feel, I'd say I'd get it there too.

That's my wishlist! If I had the money I would have each of these right now. So it's save save save for now until I can tick these all off!

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