Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Camera Roll Picks

Every so often I would take all my photos on my iPhone and transfer them to my computer for more space. In this post I thought I would scroll through my camera roll and look back on some photos of this year so far before there deleted.

graduation ball outfit
matty & franny on the shots, what's new
mummy & me pre wedding
graduation bevvy
2 pint cups in Edinburgh earlier in the year
has to be done
me and chummy mark before town
joe and me before London Grammar
clubbing with the three queens
beach walk on a sunny day
forever rockin, me and twiny
campbell tripz -1
awkward causeway snap
fam with the best person in the world
lil bro and me before ed sheeran
my beautiful best friend and I on her 21st

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  1. Awe you are so cute! I love the dresses you are wearing in the first and third photos... your post has reminded me that I need to transfer my pics onto my laptop!! I always forget -___-



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