Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

First, confession time, there was originally three of these little fellas but I lost one on a very messy Paddy's Day. It was in the shade 'Fancy' which was a slightly sparkly nude pink colour. I had quite the dramatic eye look going on what with the whole green theme so I went for a more subtle lip which 'Fancy' was perfect for. The two lipsticks in the photo above are in the shades 'Amethyst Shimmer' (left) and 'As You Want Victoria' (right). They price at £6.49 and claim to "moisturise lips without compromising on colour" and I can vouch for that! If you like a shiny lasting lip product then try this range. There are 20 shades available, my favourite name being 'Saved By The Bell'. They have almost like a creamy texture and wear really well. I think they will look great with Spring and Summer makeup. I will defiantly be purchasing more shades!

Friday, 1 May 2015

April in Frames

I'm so thankful that I keep a one line diary to jot down anything that happened that day, it makes these monthly update posts sooo much easier! I couldn't even tell you what I had for breakfast let along what happened all last month. Anywho I checked it today and April starts with a trip to the cinema to see Cinderella with my besties Lorna, Tash and Sam. 
The first weekend of April is a big one, Easter Sunday, a day the whole town celebrates with a drink. This year it was my friend Sorcha's brothers 30th spent up in Belfast. All day Belfast sessions are the best, everyone made an effort, we all we're rockin it. 

I think it was only the weekend after that, that we we're back in PK's our local for another Sunday sesh. It was a great night's criac with Sorcha and Gareth ending with a cheesy chip, result. I started Slimming World this month finally! Needed to be done, and lost 7 1/2 pounds in my first week, well chuffed, perfect motivation to keep going! Along with that me and Gareth have started going on runs twice a week, God help my soul.

My chummy Matty came home for a few days from uni with his friend Tom so the three of us took off on an adventure and explored a bit more of our motherland. We went to the Giant's Causeway and some other untouched parts of Ireland that were stunning to see. Me and my mummy went for a Sunday stroll in Murlough beach, was such a lovely day, it's one of the best walks in Down. 

Forgot to say we put Matty in drag on our sleepover, what a sport, he killed it naturally. See photo above, also next to it is my recent tattoo obsession, morse code. The reason I put a photo in of 'Once Upon A Time' other than me being obsessed with it is because I watched so many episodes in one day after a horrible job experience. I'll explain a bit more quickly, 3 day interview process, one day was 10 hours long, got the job, had to call back and decline. It was horrible, on both parties I'm sure. It just left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Other than that I had an amazing month, here's to the next! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Red Eastern Home Decor

Ever since I can remember my home has been designed with an eastern feel inspired by Indonesian and African culture that creates a Zen like atmosphere. These are some of my favourite pieces about the house and how mainly my mother has placed them. 
The main colour schemes are reds and green, white and brown. 

My favourite piece is the dream catcher of the women that's been swapped between mine and my mothers room for years. I've definitely adapted to her taste and grown to love it myself.  I love these kinds of posts so if you have any that's similar please leave a link below!

Friday, 3 April 2015

March in Frames

How can it be April already? March just flew by, when I was making my March Playlist I didn't even have any new singles only albums, it just went by so quick. Anyway's this post is all about rounding up March's best bits. Being Irish, when I think of March I think of Paddy's Day. This year's was one for the books. Basically it got so messy I lost my bag containing my purse with my ID and bank card and my iPhone *super sad crying face* so in March I got a new phone. However this month was filled with a lot of positives too, let's take a look shall we?

hung to the over | the train of destiny | reunited with sissy
So at the start of the month I travelled to Scotland! It was an alcohol fuelled trip with only burgers and beers to keep us dancing into the wee hours of the morn. Check out the detailed blog post on my long weekend away here: click!

night on the town | paddy's day w/princess | horsey's 21st
My friend who I was over visiting in Glasgow came home shortly after me for a wee weekend of mummy comforts so naturally that mean a massive session in our local that never disappoints. That night was no exception. 
Paddy's Day in Belfast, vodka in your cornflakes day. Much alcohol consumed, lost bag, ended up in local with the fam bam. Marvellous. Last Paddy's Day was a lot more tame but still alcohol fuelled, check it out: Adventure Time! 
Horsey's (Sorcha's) 21st at the very start of the month. In the local, where else? Good night's craic with the obvious after party. Fabulous. 

There is the lovely month of March in a nutshell. 
Always remember that this is a super hyped edited version of  31 days. It's not always chocolates and roses but stay positive you lovely lot. 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sound of 2015 | March Playlist

This month I don't think I've added a single song to my 2015 Soundtrack on Spoifty because I've just been listening to albums on shuffle. I thought I would share what I've been listening to anyway!

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty/American Psycho

I first started listening to these guy when my little brother bough his first ever CD back in 2007, 'Infinity on High' and we've been listening ever since. Their newest album 'American Beauty/American Psycho is killer, 'Irresistible' is my favourite I think. I've also been loving 'Centuries', 'Fourth of July', 'The Kids Aren't Alright' and 'American Beauty/American Psycho'.

Marina and The Diamonds - Froot

I have loved her music since 'Hollywood' and 'Mowgli's Road' which is a crazy 5 years ago! I'm really enjoying her new album 'Froot' songs on the album like 'I'm A Ruin', 'Happy' and 'Gold' are so rad, I just really dig her style. 

 Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece

When Tyler Oakley dedicated a whole Psychobabble episode on his podcast to this absolute queen I was so happy. I can't think of a Kelly Clarkson song that I don't rate, like Tyler and Korey said, she's timeless. 'Invincible' is just amazing along with 'Nostalgic' and 'Second Wind'.

Twin Atlantic - Great Divide

Ugh, this band, I am just dieing about them. I can't cope with his accent when he sings, it just makes me melt, in love. 'Make a Beast of Myself' is probably when I first heard about them and their new album 'Great Divide' is well, great! I have 'Heart and Soul' and 'Hold On' on repeat.

Years & Years 

Even though their album hasn't been released yet, I am still obsessed, they are becoming my band of the year as I've mentioned them in every months playlist. New songs that I've been loving from them are 'Worship', 'Memo' and 'Traps'. Their sound is just perfect.

That's my March playlist album special I guess. Are there any albums you would recommend that have been released this year? Let me know!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Favourite Free Apps for Bloggers on the iPhone/iPad

Starting with the obvious ones, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat and Youtube. All self explanatory and all ones that I spend most of my time on mainly for laughs and photos. 

Netflix | Currently watching a lot of anime and Grimm
Podcast | Mainly use this for catching up on Grimmys Radio 1 show and Tyler Oakley's Psycobabble
iPlayer Radio | I like to put this on in the morning while I'm getting ready
Spotify | One of my all time favourite apps, love creating my own playlists to get ready too
Storie | A great app for documenting your day to day life with little clips and to watch others 

moment | headspace | podcast
Trivia Crack | Such a good trivia games with different categories, I'm addicted 
1010 | Something I play if I'm board or to pass any time waiting
Afterlight | The only app I've ever paid for (69p) and it's well worth it, I edit ever IG photo using this
Snapseed | To be honest it super similar to afterlight if you don't feel like paying 

Easyjet | I fly a lot so it's perfect to keep track of times and boarding passes
Moment | The perfect app to track your time on your phone or iPad, eye opener for sure
Headspace | Perfect meditation guide for beginners, only takes ten minutes a time
Timehop | I go on this app every morning first thing, it's like a routine, so fun looking back on older posts
Notes | I'm consistently typing ideas on my notes, so handy when your out and about, I'd be lost without it

spotify | 1010 | instagram

Let me know if I've missed out any necessities for bloggers and also let me know what your favourite apps are!



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