Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Three Years At University

I'll start this post off by saying that I left my small home town in Northern Ireland in 2011 to study Psychology at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. 
I graduated July 2014 with a 2:2, life long friends, skills money can't buy and a whole bunch of amazing memories. 

Back in 2011 when I told people that I would be moving country to attend university they almost didn't believe me. When I think back I can understand why and I even wonder how I made the move. It's because 2011 Franny was a shy shy girl and had been for the whole of high school and most of primary school. I hardly talked when I was with my group of friends never mind any other social situation. 
However, my desire to experience life outside of my tiny town was far greater than my fears. Fast forward to 2014, it's like I'm talking about different person. Best decision to date. 

Starting Fresh 

So I had packed my life up and moved to this exciting new city. One of my good friends from home had moved over with me and I don't think I would have coped without her. I needed her to ease me into the transition. I was very lucky from the beginning though, I had four of the friendliest and funniest house mates and quickly got into a good group of people that were on my course. In those first few weeks, people come and go like never before. Facebook friend requests shot up, random numbers added to your phone, everyone was just sussing each other and the situation out because we were all in the same boat. I'm so thankful for the ones that stayed. 

Meet The New Gang

I love each and everyone of these people. It's so crazy that they all grew up in a different county from me and two decades later we would all meet and become friends for life. We've all gone through this life experience together and I couldn't have asked for better people. Even though I'm back home now I know I could pick up right were I left off with any off them, no matter where I am in the world. The nights out have been crazy, the days after have been lazy. So proud of all of them for achieving their goals and building towards their future, you're all gonna kick butt!

The New Man In My Life

If the only outcome of university was this little guy, I would do it over and over again at thrice the price. I always had boy best friends as well as my girlfriends but none like this wee gem, he honestly feels like a brother now. He will always hold the title of my favourite non-Irish person ever, between that, my best friend Lorna and my best cousin Tash I am the richest human alive, I feel. Despite him moving uni after first year we always stayed in really good contact. I'm so excited for both of us to go down our own path, waving at each other along the way. King and Queen since we were 18. 

New Places With Old Faces

Even though I was experiencing all of these new things, in a new city with new people, I always stayed in constant contact with my friends at home. I always told them that it was a great opportunity for them as well, I mean free accommodation at any time, just book the cheap flights and party with me! They didn't need to be told twice. Over the three years I had a lot of visits from family and friends and they have always been the best weekends together, my friends never fail to disappoint with a good time. The Irish just take it to another level. I cherish my home birds so dearly, they make up my life, I wouldn't have made it through university without them. 

Let's Get Lost

During my time at uni I've had the pleasure of travelling to new places with my new faces. Fresh, young 20 somethings exploring together, what could be better. I've travelled a lot within the North of England, Sunderland, Carlisle, Holy Island, Wooler, Seahouses and Alnwick. I also travelled down south to London four times (maybe five I've lost count), York, Manchester, Bournemouth, Newport and Cardiff. I also went up to Edinburgh twice, and to Glasgow.  Me and three of my favourites even went on holiday to Barcelona where old and new worlds collided blissfully. I am truly blessed.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Grad Ball and Graduation, two highlights of my life that will never be forgotten. Summing up my time at university perfectly. I had so much fun at university I almost forgot there was a degree at the end of it, even if there wasn't I wouldn't have regretted anything. 
As I was writing this post it became more and more clear that the only thing that matters in life are your experiences with other people. What I have been working on now is finding the most positive people to have the most positive experiences with. People make or break your time here so it's up to you to find the people you want to share it with. This could also mean cutting negative people out which can be a scary thing to do but I promise you it's worth the effort. Any road to happiness is a trip worth taking.  

Thank you to all those positive and negative people, events and experiences that brought me to this moment right now and taught me so much. Keep learning, keep growing, keep smiling. Love.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Quick Airport Beauty Haul

I recently flew into Manchester airport and back for a long girlie weekend, it was obvious from the start that shopping would be involved even though we only had our small hand luggage cases. Boots was our first point of call and of course there was a 3 for 2 offer on that I just can not take advantage of. So these are my three purchases.

Barry M Clear all in one basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener. Pretty standard, I just needed a basecoat so this will be very handy.
Barry M Gelly nail paint in Mustard. I love mustard coloured clothes and when I saw this I thought I would give it a go, I also really like the Gelly collection.
Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel in Dark Brown. I had another nail polish in my hand until I realised it was 3 for 2 across all cosmetics. I love my sleek brow kit but I thought I would try something new.  

These were small enough to fit into my already bulging case ready to take away and try at home, excited!

Saturday, 22 November 2014


The sound of this weekend, have a listen while reading.

This is part 3/3 read part 1 here and part 2 here.

4PM arrive in Tash's university city, Lancaster. After putting out bags away in her flat and chilled, we headed out for dinner. This was just what we needed after those two days of non stop, travelling, eating and drinking. A quiet dinner in a nice Italian followed by flim with munchies and bed.

It was so super spending time with my cousin and best friend Tash, since she went to study for her PGCE it's been so different without her at home, it was just nice to have all the girls together again. 

7AM we said goodbye to Tash as she went off to placement, as soon as she closed the door, our heads flung back into the pillow for a few more hours sleep. 
1PM after getting ready and having something to eat we headed for the train station to catch one to Manchester Airport. Quick coffee before our train. Salted caramel latte, beaut. 

5PM our final destination, our flight home to Belfast that would have us in our home home's by 8PM.
This long weekend included no sleep, a lot of travelling, eating and drinking, resulting in some of the best memories ever with my home birds. The flight home was absolutely stunning as well. I will never tire of looking out the window of a plane, I was flying!

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?" 

Friday, 21 November 2014


The sound of this weekend, have a listen while reading.

This is Part 2/3 to read part 1 click here!

4PM train up to Glasgow from Manchester with my friend Sam for Tash to hop on the same train at 6PM in Lancaster. Only us, the loudest Irish girls with the loudest laugh, would end up on the quiet coach of the train. Not cool. In that time we learnt how to whisper, sort of.
8PM arrive in Glasgow for our friend Niamh to pick us up and take us to her uni flat, stopping at a shop to buy drink on the way of course.
9PM Lorna arrives and we are ready to rock and roll.

First night was all about the Ireland Vs Scotland match, what a perfect weekend to come over on. Everywhere was buzzing! We landed ourselves in a VIP section of a bar with endless jugs of cocktails and shots. Every two seconds we were stopped and asked about our accents. Whyyy in the world would anyone love the Northern Irish accent, I just can't wrap my head around it. We arrived back at Niamh's with a lot of food at about 5AM meaning that I had been up for a full 24 hours and more. I was shattered to say the least.

The next day consisted of more food and cocktails, in a restaurant this time, when we felt that we were well enough to move. When back at the flat we slowly started getting ready again for round 2. We went to a club this time and it was amazinggggg. We drifted in and out between the chart, r&b and indie rooms. It was one of the best nights out I've had and it was so special to have all my home birds there.

Next day we scraped ourselves up off the beds and said goodbye to Niamh. Was so lovely of her to take us in and I think she really appreciated us being there because it was a little taste of home which we all need now and again. Time well spent in Glasgow, would defiantly go back and visit wee Niamhy again.
2PM train down to Lancaster with me Tash, Lorna and Sam. Stay tuned for the post about that next!

Thursday, 20 November 2014


The sound of this weekend, have a listen while reading.

This post is Part 1/3

I flew into Manchester at 8AM, at this point I'd only been up for four hours but it seemed like ten. As soon as me and my friend Samantha arrived we took the train into Piccadilly where we would be getting the next. 
It was raining. What a bummer, we had 8 hours in this train station and it was raining. First point of call was breakfast though and because we hadn't eaten yet the only option was a hearty fry. Soon followed by a Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks where we chilled until the rain subsided.

12PM it became dry and we headed for Primark, we couldn't resist. It was huge, it was one of the best Primark I've been in, I would go back just for a days shopping in there.
Next we stopped at the Piccadilly Tavern basically a weatherspoons, nothing special but ideal location for a quick pint. As soon as we were planning this trip and I knew that we would be spending an extra few hours in Manchester I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Canal Street, where one of my favourite TV shows was filmed, Queer as Folk. Shame I couldn't see it at night time in all it's glory but we did manage another pint obviously. What else would two Irish girls do with their waiting time?

I was so happy to be there. 
3PM we headed back to the train station to catch our 4PM train to Glasgow to meet our friends Tash, Niamh and Lorna. Stay turned for that in another post next!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Throwback Thursday | A Sunny Day

As it's getting closer to Winter and the temperature drops I thought I would post a sunny day at the beach. Let's be transported back to the warm mornings of the summer, ahh I can almost feel the suns rays.

Oh did I not mention I was with this absolute cutie!! Wee Coco Chanel had a marvellous time.

Now back to windy rainy reality, one year I will have three summers (UK-Aus-UK) that's a promise future franny!