Saturday, 28 February 2015

January and February in Frames


|slim's healthy kitchen, new eat with lj|
|devastation, my lil bro suits this more than me|
|bat like earring from eBay| 

|3 course meal for my aunty's birthday at mourne seafood bar|


|dad&brother before Tom's formal|
|volunteering with a view|
|how I spent V day, with ma babe|

|Tash is home, seen 50 shades|
|tea obsession|
|lisa's 30th, Belfast|

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Favourite Lush Products

I love lush as much as the next guy and girl and I've done the impossible by narrowing down some of my favourite products. Minus all the incredible bath bombs and bars obvs.

Sea Salt Shampoo 
This is a weird one when you first start using it, the texture is different to any other shampoo I've used. Once it starts to lather up though it works like a treat. It makes my hair feel thicker and stronger and leaves it smelling gorgeoussss.

Brazened Honey Face Mask
I got this for my birthday from my friend lj and I've been using it every other week since, I just love it. It smells like a bunch of fresh flowers and works so well on my skin. It brings everything to the surface and leaves you with clear skin for the next day.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub  
Can't get over how much I'm loving this product, I really thought it wouldn't do much but believe the hype. I can't imagine ever needing to purchase another one of these because it last such a long time and because of that I think it's very cheap. Tastes delicious also.   

What are your lush product must haves? 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Rimmel | Makeup Brand Spotlight

Rimmel was one of the first makeup brands I used and feel in love with. It's probably my favourite high street makeup brand and my collection is always growing. I went through a makeup clear out before this post to trim my collection down. I've spilt the products up because there is still a bit to get through.

| FACE |

Match Perfection Foundation | Classic Beige | £6.99
Wake Me Up Foundation | Soft Beige | £8.99
Lasting Finish 25H Foundation | Ivory | £7.99
Match Perfection Compact Powder | Ivory | £5.99
Wake Me Up Concealer | Soft Beige | £5.49

| EYES |

Wonder'full Mascara | £7.99
KATE Mascara | £7.49
Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara | £7.99
Brow This Way Styling Gel | £2.99
Green Duo Eyeshadow | £4.99
Scandal Eyes | £3.99
Eyebrow Pencil | £2.99

| LIPS |

London Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Nude Eclipse | £6.49
London Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Aurora | £6.49
London Colour Rush Balm | Rumour Has It | £4.49
Vinyl Lip Gloss | Pin Up | £4.99
1000 Kisses Lip Liner | £2.99

As you can see, most of these products are well loved. I don't think I've ever done my make-up without at least one Rimmel product. I've a feeling my collection will only continue to grow! 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sleek | Makeup Brand Spotlight

I've been using Sleek products for a wee while now and it's become one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. Their products are so affordable and super good quality! 

One of the first eyeshadow products I bought was the i-Divine in Ultra Matte V2 (£7.99) I've used it so much so that the lid has broke off. These colours are perfect for night time because they are more dramatic along with some neutrals for day wear. 

Another palette I bought was the eye & cheek palette in dancing til dusk (£10) It's so handy when travelling because of the neutral and bold shades. 

Contouring was a scary concept before I bought this kit, I just had know idea how to go about it but with Kim K spilling the T I was intrigued. So I bought the face contour kit in medium (£6.49). 

The last product is the brow kit in light (£8.50) before this I didn't touch my brows but a friend changed my mind about the difference it can make to your makeup look. 

Are there any Sleek must haves that I need to know about? I will defiantly be expanding my collection!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Lisa's 30th | Cafe Vaudeville

(hannah, tash, lisa, lorna, moi, wee maggie)

Hello all, so I've just about recovered from this night out but it was 100% worth it. Before this, I hadn't been out since new year's day, that's like 5 weeks, an absolute drought in my life. I'm not a student any more that's for sure. Anywho my cousin Lisa turned the big three oh and her sister (my bffl) Tash came home for the weekend from uni. It was a fancy affair. If you haven't been to Cafe Vaudeville in Belfast, it's a Luxebar & Dining establishment with a Parisian atmosphere. I suggest you get your glad-rags on and go! We were VIP so we were upstairs at the House of Champagne drinking, you guessed it, free champagne. 

The night was perfect, pre drinks in Tash's, PK's for pre bar and taxi to Belfast. Even the taxi there and back was hilar. It was great to have Tash back for a weekend to get out with her and Lorna, my favourite girls in the world. Belfast is a beautiful city, I need to explore it more and soak up all it has to offer!

Thanks for the awesome night Lis, the hinch girls sure do scrub up well.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sound of 2015 | January Playlist

I've started a 2015 soundtrack on Spotify which you can follow hereee 2015 Soundtrack and I thought I would keep track of it by blogging the tracks I add each month. These are the kinds of things I like to document so it's easy to look back and remember. I've super cool style so you'll totes wana give these sick beats a listen (soz swifty).

I love love love these songs and hope you will too, music it's just the best yano? I'm now going to have 51 minutes of pure chill, peace out lovelies! Also, I'm not sure what I think about my outro photo below. I changed it recently and I'm just not feeling it. I need a design upgrade! 

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