Thursday, 16 January 2014

iPhone Upgrade

apologies for the shadow!
 I think it's safe to say that this is one of the biggest phone upgrades possible. For the past 5 months I've been using the Alcatel phone that cost me £10! But my shiny new pink iPhone 5c came in the post today! I'm so excited to have an iPhone again, it will probably be glued to my hand for a good while.`

I just wanted to share my excitement of having this phone back in my life again, I'm sure other iPhone users will relate! :)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Random 2013 Favourite Buys

This is some of my favourite things that I bought in 2013, most of which don't really relate to each other but i thought I'd throw them all in together. 

  • My biggest purchase was probably my trip to Barcelona in April, which I've done a post on HERE.
  • American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, I love books on psychopaths, sociopaths, serial killers, etc. 
  • My I <3 1D wristband. I couldn't pick a favourite member and I just love the red, acc wear it everyday!
  • Orange tangle teaser, it has been a god send for my long hair!
  • Cute floral hair clamp from Newlook, I just thought it was so pretty and it comes in useful when I have messy hair!
  • Paco Rabanne 1 million, I like boys scents better than girls most of the time, santa picked up on that.
  • Simple daily moisturiser, I love the simple range and have a few products of theirs that I might do a full post on!
  • My huge Yankee Candle in the back there, Vanilla Lime, smells super fresh and I can't wait to light it again in the spring!
Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013 Makeup Favourites

Everything here is pretty much in my Autumn Beauty Staples post I done HERE with a few things added in. 
First the Kate Moss Lipstick in 004 which is a vampire purple colour that I wore a lot towards the end of the year for a more dramatic and edgy look. My favourite thing here would probably be the Sleek contorting kit, it makes such a difference to your makeup, mines in medium and it blends in so nicely!

I've been using the Sleek eye shadow ultra matts palette most this year because it has a good mix of colours. I love the browns for a more natural look and then it has the dark greens and purples to change your look up a bit. 

I love reading other peoples favourites so if you have done this post please link it below! :)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year! Hello 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!
In this post I thought I'd share a very embarrassing poem I wrote about New Years in 2010/11. Not even that long ago so can't blame it on how young I was. So here it is...

"For the optimists the New Year means opening new doors, meeting new people, creating new music, witnessing new delight, travelling to new land. And for the perspicacious it is indeed all of that but also remembering which doors we have opened, remembering the people we have meet, listening to that captivating music time and time again, remembering all the wonder our eyes have gazed upon and travelling back to the discovered land that had us in awe. Each year has been a puzzle piece to our quintessence, here’s to another perfect fit!"

How pretentious and cheesy was that haha, it never fails to make me cringe. I mean, quintessence? 
Says it all, bless me.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

What I'm Listening To #4

To start the year off, I've tried to go for a more uplifting theme for this WILT. Yea that's right, it's got it's own abbreviation, it's that established. So more sounds that make you happy and want to dance and live life! Yeah, life! Woo!!

AWOLNATION - Kill Your Heros

Granted from the title and maybe the first line it doesn't seem very uplifting but just wait until the chorus kicks in, I hope you'll be happy you gave it a chance :)


King Charles - Lady Percy 

This came out about a year ago and was a really great summer song. I don't know why he has gone off the radar a bit because his album is brilliant. 

Saint Raymond - Young Blood

Thanks Zane for making this the hottest record or I probably wouldn't have heard it. If you don't know who Zane is, he is a Radio 1 DJ that's based in London and his hottest records are usually spot on!

American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

I heard this recently on a TV advert, it's got such a feel good vibe.

Spector - Celestine

I had this in my first year university video because it went really well with the night out clips so it just reminds me of really good times!

Imagine Dragons - Cha Ching

It may start of slow but it's a really good tune as well as Working Man!

Hope these songs are a good start to your year and make you feel happyyyyyy.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x
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