Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Tattoos #2 & #3

This month me and my friend Joe got matching tattoos while he was over visiting from England. It was my second tattoo and I got my third on the same day. I've wanted both for a long time and I have many more ideas lined up.

#2 Equality Symbol
I've wanted this tattoo for ages and I'm so happy I got it with my best friend. The meaning is exactly what you would expect, I'm a big advocate for equality and thought it was a great tattoo idea.

#3 Comma
I wanted to get this to remind me of my time at university and to always be open. It's also inspired by Coldplay's lyrics "I'd rather be a comma than a full stop," which is the song in the last scene of my first year in uni video as I seen them live that summer with Joe so they were both very fitting to get them while he was with me.

I'm so so happy with the both of them and will defiantly be booking my next one soon!


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