Monday, 30 September 2013

Heaton Park

Heaton Park is just at my door step this year so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a post about it while I still can. It's the first time I've walked through it since I've been back and you can defiantly tell it's Autumn and not bright and summery like I left it. 

It was a late evening walk so it was nice to get all wrapped up and have a stroll in the park.

I love exploring Newcastle, it's a small city but there is so much to do if you look.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Year of 21st's

So the year of 18th's was celebrated with all of my high school friends and now that I'm going into 3rd year, all the 21st's will be celebrated with a completely different group of people. University has been a completely new chapter for me and I am so excited to serve up cute realness with all my uni friends on their 21st birthdays. 

First it was my house friend Rach's 21st where we had pre drinks in our house with a lot of people new and old, some craic. Then we ventured into town and hit ye olde faithful Digital (like an alternative indie scene club, just my cuppa tea).

three amigos stayed behind (to drink more, such classy ladies)

My other house friend Lisa's 21st was next and we went to her home town for the most traditional birthday I've been to, it was perfect!!
Girlies getting ready in the house, glasses of rose, friends, family, cake, buffet, DJ, dancing with the Irish grandma and ending up in town.

how cute are our wee arms in the mirror <3 
how innocent do we all look

I had such a fun time at both 21st's and I can't wait for the rest, ja feel? Ja feel.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Monday, 16 September 2013

30 hours in Dublin

On the 5th of September me and my bestest chummys Lorna and Tash decided to drive down to Dublin for the craic and it was some show. 

Wrong turns were taken, asking locals, a fall was had within half an hour of being there, a lot of map reading, getting used to euros, subway, pre's, feet were walking off us, free parking, amazing hostel, Guinness, music and criac all make up this awesome roadtrip.

 Getting there

With only 30 hours we packed in quite a lot and it felt like 20 of them were spent walking! 
So much walking.

fun times with our bezzies

We went to the Guinness store house and had a pint of Guinness in the gravity bar which gives you an amazing 360 view of Dublin City. 
We also went to the Wax Museum, creepy but fun.

Honestly this is the only photo suitable for the internet taken from the night we went to the famous Temple Bar. We arrived by bicycle carriage because yano, yolo and had such a good night's criac with traditional Irish music making everyone clap and stamp their feet. 
Loved every minute.

The next morning we went to Dublin Zoo and saw all the cute wee animals.

I love all the memories from my Dublin roadtrip and we would defiantly return for more than 30 hours next time and have more of a chilled weekend with less walking!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Liebster Blog Award x4 nominations

It's been a busy week moving from Ireland to England into a new house so I haven't been able to post as much as I want to but when I logged in I found I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by four different lovely people and I thought it would be a great chance to do an 'about me' kind of post as I haven't done one yet. I don't really know how this award works but I'll will answer all four sets of questions along with the 11 facts about me. 
That's a lot of pressure to be interesting but I'll give it a good go. 

So I was tagged by RiannaLesleyEmily and Alaina
You should check out their blogs, I followed instantly ! 

  1. I've been to California three times, to visit my uncle who lives in San Francisco and he took me to Las Vegas in Nevada, Maui in Hawaii and Disney land in Florida so I'm a very lucky girl.
  2. I have a phobia of crisps, like its ok for me to eat them but I can’t stand someone eating them near me I just think they are gross and disgusting! Please say I'm not the only one or am I just a weirdo?   
  3. My best friend is my little brother Thomas he is the best human on the planet 
  4. Moving to a different country to study was one of the best decisions I've ever made
  5. I live for planning, I'm such an organised person and could make lists forever
  6. This is a major flaw which I wish wasn't a fact but I'm really impatient, like when I watch something I’ll forward it a lot just to know what’s happing without having to watch the thing in full 
  7. I like everyone. There are only a few people in my life that I've disliked (for good reason) but until they give me a reason not too I consider everyone a friend. 
  8. Each to their own is in my vocabulary on a daily basis, no judgement  you do you, live and let live. No one is exactly the same so why compare?
  9. My favourite YouTuber is Chris Kendall (crabstickz) that guy is hilar bear 
  10. I have quite a traditional Irish family with 4 siblings, 3 uncles, 9 aunties and over 40 cousins of which they've had about 15 kids so far between them. 
  11. Simple one, my favourite colour is orange!
Rianna's Questions

What do you enjoy about bloggin?
The feel of community, everyone is adorable 
Dress or Jeans + T-Shirt?
Jeans and a tee
How long could you go without make-up for?
Life, I'm not overly attached 
Favourite Food?
Without playing up to my stereotype it actually is the potato 
What would you say is your best quality?
I’d say being accepting, you do you 
If you were an animal what would you be?
Toss-up between an eagle or a whale, don’t know if I’d want to explore the sky or sea more
Favourite time of year?
3 things you think are a MUST HAVE for any girl?
Confidence, self-worth and a smile (bloke of pure cheddar that answer is)
Life Ambition?
To love my what ever I end up doing
What do you do to pass your time?
A quote that inspires you?
If you admire someone you should tell them, people never get the flowers while they can still smell them” – Kanye West 

Lesley's Questions

One item of clothing you wouldnt survive without?
My hoodies, so comfy and cas
If you went travelling where would your first destination be?
New Zealand 
One smell that reminds you of home?
Freshly cut grass I’d say
Your favourite song at the moment?
London Grammar – When We Were Young
House Parties or Nightclubs and why?
House parties fo sho, it’s just far more craic cus all your best people are there and you can hear people and have the bant. I think more funny stories come out of house parties than clubs.
What would your ideal way to spend a rainy winters night be?
Onesie. Film. Family. Tea. 
If you had to choose between fruit or veg, which one?
Vegetables, can’t think of one I don’t like that I've tried. 
What is your beauty essential you always have in your bag?
Eyeliner, just makes such a difference 
Coffee or Tea?
What is the cheesiest song you know all the lyrics to?
Loads probably but I’ll say any boy or girl band song

Emily's Questions

I you could do anything right now what would you do? 
Fly to the moon
What is your favourite beauty product at the moment? 
Peach on the beach Color Boost
What is your most watched film? 
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Favourite fruit? 
Which is your favourite season of the year, and why? 
Autumn because it’s the best season for fashion in my opinion 
Name 3 items you couldn't live without? 
There’s no items that I wouldn't be able to live without, just need ma crew and ma fam bam
What do you hope to be doing in 10 years time? 
Living in a lush house in LA
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? 
The bottom of the ocean to see what no human has ever seen before!
Your pet hate? 
Whats your guilty pleasure? 
Jedward lols

Alaina's Questions

What is your biggest fear? 
Death, morbid answer but I'm terrified of dying 
If you could live in any country, where would you live? 
Favourite beverage? 
Strawberry and banana smoothie 
Describe your perfect date. 
Pub, classy I know
How would you describe yourself in 3 words? 
Curios, calm and creative  
What is one thing you want to see and one thing you want to un-see? 
See the world and un-see nothing, sight is such an amazing gift I actually thank God for it everyday day, God bless
Favourite song/artist/band? 
Foo Fighters
If you have (more) children, what would their names be? 
I really like the name London for a girl and Oisin for a boy
How did you come up with the name for your blog? 
Cool question, Bally means town and it’s where I'm from so it my life in bally and beyond
What is the best advice you have ever gotten? 
To be grateful, it reminds me how lucky I am every day 

To anyone who has read this far, God bless you, you are a trooper and now you know a little bit more about me! 


  1. If you could choose your own name what would it be?
  2. Who's your favourite Disney villain? 
  3. Favourite quote?
  4. Describe yourself in a single word.
  5. What's your most played song?
  6. Must haves for a pamper night in?
  7. Do you collect anything?
  8. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  9. What's your favourite name for a boy and a girl?
  10. What's your favourite TV series?
  11. Who's your idol?
This post is very long but I really enjoyed doing it and I can't wait to read the answers of the blogs I've tagged! Good luck !!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Monday, 9 September 2013

View from the top of the Bally

As I'm leaving home tomorrow I thought I'd take a walk up to the windmill were you can get an awesome view of my home town. You can pretty much get a 360 view as it only has a population of over 5,000 and you can walk the circumference in like under an hour! 

mountains of mourne

Percy French wrote a beautiful song about the mountains of mourne, later cover'd by Don McLean, which you can see in the distance, lovely sight.

I'll miss this little town but this time tomorrow I'll be back in the city!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

What I'm Listening To

I've been wanting to do this series for a while were I post music that I like and have been listening too recently. Very simple but it's always great to share good music and who knows, you might just find your new favourite sound here! 
I listen to a lot of different music so the post could be new, old, pop, rock, signed, unsigned music but it will always be worth the listen! 

Kicking off the first post in the series are the New York based duo MS MR whose album Secondhand Rapture I have been obsessing over, I play it the whole way through on repeat all the time, it's amazing. 

Their song Hurricane is the first in the album and opens you to their sound perfectly. I don't think this video is official but it is a tumblr hispters dream, I enjoy it a lot. 

Swim Deep are an indie rock band from Birmingham and describe themselves as making "sun kissed noise" which is perfect and they were for sure the sound to my summer especially their song King City. 

The mellow sound just makes me want to sit out in the sun and have a beer and BBQ with my friends. Definite summer sound and this video shows off their cool 90's kid style.

With this being the first post in the series I thought I would give a shout out to a local band who I saw live about two years ago. A Plastic Rose are an alternative rock band from Belfast and are electric live. 

The video for their song Kids Don't Behave Like This looks as if it was filmed on the streets of Belfast but I can't be 100% sure either way they are great local talent!

I really enjoyed writing this post and I love sharing music with others so I hope you enjoy this post too and look out for more in the future!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stroll in the Sunshine

Summer's still not over and I just had to take advantage of the 20 degree sun which is rare in the north of Ireland so I went for a walk. 
It's locally known as the 3 mile and is a popular exercise route so I met a lot of passers by and exchanged friendly hello's. 

 Start and finish point of view

As you can see, a lot of green, a lot of blue, such a perfect day! 
Love having a wee walk around the 3 mile, so handy and great scenery!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August WrapUp 2013

In 10 days I go back to Newcastle to move into my new house and start my last year of university and I'm super excited but this post is about looking back on the things I've done over the summer while I've been at home in Ireland. It's been great seeing old friends and family and I've tried by best to record along the way, something my friends know all too well about, bless them. They will be glad of my videos in the long run, I hope! 

This month is also the month I started this blog and I'm so happy I took the leap, I can't get over the kindness of the blogging community, everyone has been nothing but nice and I thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I'm too excited for the future but it will come soon enough so for now I'm just going to enjoy looking back and look forward.

My little brother / Lorna and @Imagine Dragons / Brennan's Ice-Cream 
  • My little brother Thomas and I posing before I head into town.
  • Lorna and me before the Imagine Dragons concert in Belfast which I've done a full post on
  • The best ice-cream on the planet, Brennan's, it's legendary in Co. Down
Netflix (God send) / With Tash @Belfast bar crawl / Queen T #specialauguest
  • Watched series 1 of Prison Break and staying caught up with Breaking Bad yo!
  • Tash and I pre cocktails and just after a lovely lunch mmm curry club 
  • My Queen, howled at every auguest video #TOE #SAWLER #TYMRIE

Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry / Calm before the storm pre drinks / With Lorna @RamJam
  • Proud of making the curry by myself, tastes gorge! Ta to my friend Joe for teaching me how
  • Having a solo glass of wine listening to the Bee Gees before the girls call round to join the pre's
  • Me and Lorna in our local pub the infamous Ramery a.k.a The RamJam

It's not quite the structure I wanted for a wrap-up but I'm still loving and learning :)
Any who I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope future Frank enjoys looking back on it also, here's a wee video full of August Antics! 

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x
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