Saturday, 31 August 2013

Limited Boots Makeup Haul

The reason this was a 'limited' boots haul is because the town we went too had thee tiniest Boots store ever with about 5 different makeup brands which was a bit disappointing but I still managed to get a few things.

A lot of the products will be instantly recognisable because they are raved about all the time and for good reason. Now excuse the shabby photography work on this post as I had to ask my little brother to help me out. 

I'll start with the ever popular Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation in Ivory. I usually use the True Nude but there was none in stock so I just picked up this and I actually think it suits my skin tone a bit better. Foundation is a really hard one to get right, I wish I could sample them all but this one does the job. Also it was in an "everything under £5" sale so I just had to get it.

Next is the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes in Wild Bronze which I think is a cheaper dupe for the Maybelline 24hr color tattoo which I have in Permanent Taupe. It doesn't smell nice at all but I thought I'd give it a go because it was half price!

If you can't tell by this dodgy picture, it's the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Black and I've already tried this and it goes on super smoothly, I love it already! 

 I got the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Nude Eclipse for under a fiver in the sale also which I was well happy about because I've wanted this for ages. My friend bought it a few weeks ago and I was forever borrowing it so I thought it would be best to purchase my own.

This was the most expensive item I bought and it's Bourjois color boost lipstick in shade Peach on the Beach which is such a fun name and it's such a gorgeous colour.

I don't buy much from the Collection brand but I thought I'd have a nosey because it was such a small shop and I spotted the work the colour eyeshadow pencil's and decided to purchase Vintage Blush because it looked quite subtle and creamy.

This blurry lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 113 which is like a lighter version of my 26 shade from her spring collection. There just so wearable and don't stand out loads which is what I look for in day to day wear. 

This last one is a wee fun one, I just love the packaging it's super cute. I originally wanted the green but it was out of stock so I went for the blue hydrating one which I feel doesn't have the best taste but the good news is I seen a 2 for £5 offer for them in Superdrug so I might have to take a little trip there and purchase the green and pink colours. 

I'm really happy with what I got since I had so little to work with but at least that saved me from going over board and spending a mint. Swings and round abouts eh.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Barry M nail paint X4

So earlier this summer I bought 4 Barry M nail paints, 3 Gelly Hi Shine and one regular nail paint and they have served me well. 
From left to right: Watermelon, Blood Orange, Greenberry, Black

Granted they aren't the best summer colours bar the Greenberry but I needed more night time shades and I prefer darker or natural shades, nothing that stands out too much anyway. 

Excuse the chubby fingers haha!

I was pretty disappointed with the black because it took 3 coats to make it look decent but I loved the finish on the Gelly's, I just wish the brush could be better but it does the job!

There a little bit messy, defiantly not the best person to paint nails

My favourite would have to be the Blood Orange because it takes one coat to look good and also the Watermelon because I love dark green colours I just think they look great especially on a night out.
I'm taking a trip to boots soon (dangourous I know) so I'd love to know which colours you think are best for coming into Autumn and starting back to university!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Green Tea Obsession

Drinking green tea has been a relatively new thing for me and once I started I became obsessed! Especially because Morrison's does their own cute range for like 75p.

  Look at how cute the are

I had 9 different types of green tea, tad obsessive but their all so good and have major health benefits. This is one of the main reasons I drink green tea because when I drink coffee or regular tea I tend to add too much sugar, too much being 5 tea spoons depending on the mug size. No judging I just can't drink them without it haha

So I made the switch to green tea and I'm so happy with the choice's out there. 
My favourite being peppermint and licorice tea by 'pukka' it has the best after taste!
For now, as I'm staying back to my mummy's house for summer the cupboard is stocked with peppermint tea and lemon and ginger tea which is fine by me! 

Time for a peppermint now I think...

 Recommended 6 minutes but I just keep my tea bag in while drinking for extra flavour 

Perfect cuppa!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Girlie Day Out

Yesterday me and five of my friends went out to lunch in Belfast which lead onto afternoon cocktails which lead to evening drinks which then lead to night time shots. 
#sorrynotsorry haha had to be done. 

(Lorna, Tash, Sam and Me)

After lunch and a few pitchers, six became four and it was so good catching up and taking endless pictures and videos. Yep, videos and they ain't pretty! Trust me I'm doing you a favour by not putting them up! Needless to say we were the loudest at lunch so we moved onto a bar.

 (Ok, you can have one wee video)

We continued on to another bar and by the end of the night four had become two. Me and Tash were the last ones standing which resulted in a lot more videos and shots. 

(Standard bathroom posing)
(Bad photos are all stored safely on my phone away from the light of day) 

Obviously we ended the night in subway (it staying open to 4am is a blessing!) and a taxi home. It was an awesome day and me and Tash made it to the end. 
2pm-2am achievement unlocked!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scary Movie Date

Last night was one of those nights that you just call your girls round, order a Chinese and rent a scary movie. That scary movie happened to be 'Mama'. Now I could hardly tell you the story line because I was mostly watching it through my fingers the whole time but I love just chillin with my lovely's. It was the usual night filled with gossip and non stop laughing so there would be nothing unusual about this post bar the fact that I love these two girls to death. 

These girls being Lorna and Tash.
(Cheeky wee picture of the best girls ever! ~Me, Lorna, Tash~)

Honestly couldn't live without these two and they definitely deserve centre place in my blog, I'm sure there will be plenty more posts about them and you'll get used to hearing their names :) 
I've known Tash (Natasha) since birth since we are cousins and were born 24 days apart and I've been best friends with Lorna for about 7 years or so and known her since primary school.

They are the original weirdos and 10 seconds in their company you would love them forever. Last October they came over from Ireland to Newcastle to stay in my uni house for my 20th birthday and it was some show! Although they were only there for 3 days they made a very positive lasting impression on my English friends. Very much so that they can't wait to have them over again for my 21st which I can not wait for because they are coming over for 5 full days!! Stay tuned for that blog entry, it will be some show because no one is wise, no one. 

(Taken on the 27th October, day after my birthday, round 2! ~Lorna, Me, Tash~)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bloglovin Attempt #1

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Hiii, this is just a quick post from me trying to add my blog to Bloglovin, fingers crossed it works!  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


So last night me and my best friend Lorna went to the Imagine Dragons concert in the 
Ulster Hall, Belfast. 

(Here's a cheeky wee pre-show photo)

Lorna said it was the best concert she'd ever been too, I feel nothing can top Coldplay 2012 but it did come very close! The band had so much energy and Dan (the lead singer) told us that he was so happy to come from Las Vegas to Belfast and for all of us to be singing their songs back to them. He also said that they are normal guys just like us and all they want their songs to do is make you be in the moment and just forget bout everything. They defiantly achieved that, I felt like my brain just shut off and the rest of my body was just oozing happiness. Absolutely amazing and the best thing is I'm lucky enough to be seeing them again in November! 10/10

(Cheeky wee video off the footage taken on the night, I tried not to have my phone out for long and to just be in the moment ;) Subway's were had, footlong, had to be done)  

Speak soon, stay lucky x 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hello There

This is my first blog post that I have wanted to write for quite a while but have always been too nervous or too worried about people’s thoughts on it. I was worried people might not like it or people wouldn't read it. Then I decided to create this blog for me, something I should have done a long time ago! It will be a virtual scrapbook for me and others to look back on so I will try to make it as interesting as possible! I'm not sure what will be posted yet, I'm playing that by ear but I think it will be a weird mix of everything. I’ll try to keep this introduction short and sweet. 

Basically they say that when you die your life flashes before your eyes… 
Let’s make it worth watching :)

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