Saturday, 20 September 2014

Murlough Nature Reserve

Just look at that view. This day was a hangover cure and a half! Perfect setting, not warm, not cold, nice breeze, little dip in the water, hangover instantly gone. 

We took a few panoramas that didn't work out so well and some slow motion videos that involved Niamh falling bum first into the water. Actually near wet myself watching it back so many times!

This is such a good place to clear your head, so peaceful. Also around this time of year it's practically empty which is perfect. Highly recommend this sight is your in or around Newcastle, Co.Down.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Belfast Bar Crawl & Krem

Last Saturday we decided to do a mini bar crawl around Belfast before heading to the club cus we classy liek dat. We started off in my house with some pre's, it's like a compulsory tradition in Ireland, bad things happen when you aren't half cut walking out your front door. 

We dandered to Fibber McGee's first, a traditional Irish music bar, a wee hidden gem with the bestest of spirits and atmosphere. Next was the bar with no name (yes it's actually called that) and the 'big fight' was on. You couldn't have met two more uninterested people in Belfast that night than me and Joe, couldn't tell ya a thing about it. Then we proceeded onto Filthy McNastys, only a bar in Belfast could have that name haha. We spent most out time there in the secret garden, which if you haven't been, go, it's one of the best beer gardens in Belfast. 

After hearing the worst news ever that night (shops stop serving alcohol after 11pm) we staggered to the club Kremlin which was our end destination and party'd on down through to the wee hours of the morn. Check it. 

classy cups for classy ladies
that cup contains 99% alcohol and 1% lemonade 
sambuca shots with like an hour left to go, great idea

It was one of the best nights I've had in a while, always good craic with these hallions. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Visit from Joe

On the first weekend of September I had a visit from my favourite non-Irish person in the world eva eva! My handsome, funny, delightful friend Joe (he reads this blog so I gotsta be nice). 
Now that I don't live in England, it's hard to keep up with uni friends because we don't see each other everyday any more so making the effort which your specials is really important! I already have my trip planned over to them, makes me happyyyyy.

Joe had the night flight on the Friday so when we got in the max chill sesh commenced. The Saturday morning we sat down to breakfast with my friend Lorna in Granny Bo's which is a cute wee cafe in town. On Saturday night we hit Belfast, not before taking some photies that made us realise how much shorter I am than Joe, sad face. Sunday morning, Sunday roast of course in my granny's then off to Murlough beach with Niamh. Finally a wee goodbye lunch on Monday before leaving Joe back to the airport. Goodbye sadness.

I had such a lovely weekend with one of my bestest chums and not long until we party and play super mario again! 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Tash's Leaving Good Luck Party

At the start of the month one of my best friends Tash left for Lancaster to study to be a teacher. Before she left we had a little night out to send her on her way with good luck vibes. 

tash and her wee mummy sharing a dance

posing in the hall, who would have thought

We also went for a deeelish meal in the Indian, swear I have been craving an Indian every night since. We brought our own wine which was perfect and just chilled through each course.

I'm going to miss my wee Tasha Town a lot but the year will fly in and I'm sure a few trips here and there will be on the cards. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Little Lush Haul

Since I'm no longer a student any more and I live at home, I get to indulge in a relaxing bath when ever I want. A major thing a missed about home while away. Obviously everyone's favourite shop for their bath related pleasures is Lush and I am no exception.  

The Comforter
One of my all time favourites, bubbly pink bath, perfect.

Big Blue
I felt like a mermaid with this and lets get real who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid. 

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