Tuesday, 21 October 2014

30 before 30

I've seen this post a lot and I think their such a good idea, they really inspire you to make the most out of your years. Excuse the what can seem like pretentious graduation photo but it's there to remind me that these things can be done! I didn't take much time thinking these up, I thought that would be better. I'm sure it will change in time but for now here is my 30 things to do before turning 30 list.

  1. learn to drive
  2. buy a domain for my blog
  3. volunteer abroad
  4. get a thigh tattoo
  5. learn how to cook from scratch 
  6. maintain my goal weight
  7. drive from new york to california with friends 
  8. create a youtube channel 
  9. set up an online shop
  10. attend another night class course
  11. play a sport
  12. donate blood regularly 
  13. have a penpal
  14. go on a winter holiday
  15. attend a music festival
  16. eat at a world famous restaurant
  17. sing at a karaoke bar
  18. party in las vegas 
  19. climb a mountain
  20. host a big dinner party
  21. travel somewhere alone
  22. live with friends 
  23. apply for dream job
  24. have a week of zen/meditation weekend
  25. spend some time at sea
  26. have a sibling holiday
  27. stop regretting, start living
  28. learn to truly be present 
  29. live a life true to myself
  30. live by the motto 'happiness is a choice'

 I hope I can go back to this post and cross them off one by one! Until then..

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  1. Great post! Think I'll have to compile one of these lists myself :) xx



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