Friday, 3 October 2014

Primark Boots Autumn 2014

First of all, I need a kick up the bum, I can't believe I missed a post of Blogtober already, I'm so annoyed lol. To make up, I will post twice today, determined to have 30 this month, although it doesn't look likely at the minute. 
That said, I wanted to write about these up to the minute boots from pennies. I adore these! I've seen so many that are alike about but never were drawn to them like these. The top photo reminds me of school shoes, ugly is defiantly in but I love the buckles and zips! 

They were still re-stalking in the store so I'll have to have a look next week and update my wardrobe for Autumn! Exciting Autumn times :)


  1. Love love love those boots. I too will have to look for a pair like these ones. Great post.


  2. I'm inlove with boots this season-yours are perfect ! :D
    Love Charis

  3. Lovely boots! Iv recently bought some from primark and they are so comfy. x
    Everything Beauty


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