Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lush Haul | Halloween

Northern Lights | Bath Bomb
I've used half of this stick already, it turned the water a gorgeous purple colour after it stopped fizzing blues, greens and yellows. So relaxing, 100% repurchase!

Bubblegum | Lip Scrub
It was a toss up between the bubblegum and the mint flavour but I went for this just because of the pink colour, it's a little bit more exciting. I've only used this already and I think it did make a big difference. My lips feel a lot more smooth.

Wizard | Bubble Bar
I haven't used this yet but I've seen a lot of good blog posts about it and it's only here for Halloween so I thought I may get it before it's gone. It's got cleaning and brightening oils with an uplifting fragrance so I think I'm going to leave this for when I'm hungover during Halloween. Doubt it will take me long to try out!


  1. oo you've made me want to go to lush now! Love their Christmas collection :) x


  2. Ah, Lush and their seasonal collections, where would we be without them! The wizard is a super cute little guy and the northern lights bath bomb sounds great. The lip scrubs are just awesome and I would go for the pink one every time just because it's pink!

    Miss Beauty Saver / Instagram

  3. I have the lip scrub and it's amazing! Thinking of getting the red Christmas one, it smells wonderfully!
    Great post. (:



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