Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Over Halloween I travelled back to what feels like my second home, Newcastle. Nothing had changed and I didn't feel I'd been away from it for as long as I had. I could walk through it's airport blindfolded now I feel so comfortable there.
I stayed with my friend Joe in Sunderland, a place I also know pretty well, for a long weekend. One of the few perks of being in-between jobs is the amount of free time you have, I can afford to go away for longer periods of time. The longer you go away somewhere the more time you have to relax, it was super nice just chilling with the bestie. 
I also got to see my old housemates, was so happy they made the effort to come through and have dinner, always nice catching up with friends when you don't see them very often. 

One thing I love about Joe is that he's always introducing me to new things that better my life, food being a major one. I've never had more colourful, delicious meals before and they are super easy to create at home.

Like I said, I went over the Halloween holiday. The added effects on this photo is to hide what a poor effort me and Joe made compared to everyone else, too last minute but turned out OK in the end. I love Halloween but really wasn't bothered on an outfit this year, shame on me! The night was great though, prinks in Joe's friends house and then out in Sunderland.

On the last night I was there we went to Sunderland's illuminations which was Alice in Wonderland themed, we took lil Henry plops along with us. I feel like a friend of the whole family now and I'm so thankful because they are such great people with so much love between them.   

Wee sneaky photo to stumble upon when I arrived home. Hoping to plan a trip with these three guys to come back over to me and down to Dublin. I think the accents might make them want to stay!

I had so much fun on my trip back, it was over too quick! Don't like not knowing when the next time will be until I see these wonderful people again. Technology is a god send! Grateful, grateful, grateful.

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