Wednesday, 5 November 2014

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In my 6th Top Ten post I wanted to write about my Top Ten places that I would like to visit in the world. My previous Top Ten posts have been about filmsbooksgigstv-shows and instagram which you can read about by clicking on them. 
These destinations are in rough order of where I would like to travel to the most and they are all places that I have not been before but dreamed about many a time.

So Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the happiest countries in the world! I've never really had the desire to travel to close cold countries but the more I hear about their lifestyle the more I could see myself living there when I'm older. It seems so laid back and family orientated. Also can we just stop and stare at this scenery. Beautiful. 

Again, beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle. Literally stunning views everywhere you go. Even just a roadtrip through Canada would be a dream!

New Zealand
I'm beginning to see a scenery theme here. A beautiful landscape will just get me every time! There's a reason people travel miles and miles just to simple look at something. It can be a breathtaking and emotional experience. There is a reason Lord of the Rings was filmed here.

Home of a lot of the worlds tallest mountains including Everest, Nepal is another sight seeing stunner. It's also the birthplace of Buddha apparently! Just being able to see Mount Everest with my own eyes, never mind climb it, would be a lifetime achievement. 

Quite a change of scenery here, in the city anyway but I've always always wanted to visit China. I even tried to teach myself Mandarin a few years ago. I think it's all the technology and lights, it would be cool to experience for a trip away. Completely different pace to home. I would also like to visit outside of the city to the rice fields and obviously the Great Wall. 

New York
The side of the states that I haven't been yet. I would love to be a young professional living in New York even if it was just for a years apprenticeship, the fast pace lifestyle would be such a buzz! If I could only go once in my life it would have to be around Christmas time, spirits would be super high.

The culture of this country is so vibrant and definitely somewhere I want to visit. I followed a series of videos made my people who completed the Rickshaw Run in India and  I was addicted. The people, the landscape, the colours were incredible.   

Obviously want to travel to Japan to become a Pokemon master, duh.

I've watched documentary after documentary about the pyramids and to see them in real life would be an absolute gift. The history of this country is so fascinating.

Ever since I watched The Truman Show I've wanted to go to Fiji.
Purely for an indulgent luxury relaxing holiday, it looks like paradise.

That's my Top Ten places I would like to travel too. Ten was so limited, there's a thousand other places I would be very grateful to travel to and experience. Just got to work towards them now!


  1. I really want to go to New Zealand too! And Ireland! :)


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