Thursday, 20 November 2014


The sound of this weekend, have a listen while reading.

This post is Part 1/3

I flew into Manchester at 8AM, at this point I'd only been up for four hours but it seemed like ten. As soon as me and my friend Samantha arrived we took the train into Piccadilly where we would be getting the next. 
It was raining. What a bummer, we had 8 hours in this train station and it was raining. First point of call was breakfast though and because we hadn't eaten yet the only option was a hearty fry. Soon followed by a Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks where we chilled until the rain subsided.

12PM it became dry and we headed for Primark, we couldn't resist. It was huge, it was one of the best Primark I've been in, I would go back just for a days shopping in there.
Next we stopped at the Piccadilly Tavern basically a weatherspoons, nothing special but ideal location for a quick pint. As soon as we were planning this trip and I knew that we would be spending an extra few hours in Manchester I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Canal Street, where one of my favourite TV shows was filmed, Queer as Folk. Shame I couldn't see it at night time in all it's glory but we did manage another pint obviously. What else would two Irish girls do with their waiting time?

I was so happy to be there. 
3PM we headed back to the train station to catch our 4PM train to Glasgow to meet our friends Tash, Niamh and Lorna. Stay turned for that in another post next!

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