Thursday, 15 January 2015

Room Tour | Desk | January 2015

To be honest I'm writing this post because I think my desk is cute. That's it ha. 
I've always been quite room proud, I've always had a mountain of photos spread across my walls, candles and lights everywhere, with a lot of little trinkets that own a lot of memoires. The room that I'm in at the minute is basically a box room, tiny. Nevertheless I've tried to make it as me as possible. It's still got a bit to go, I don't quite have it the way I'd like it yet. Here is a little snippet though, my bed side desk. 

I love this piece so much, it's just a glass bowl filled with lavender potpourri and white fairy lights, beautiful in the dark.

Novelty mugs make for great makeup brush and lipstick holders.

More makeup storage and a cringy photo of me on a box, it was a present, let me just make that clear haha. 

My wee candle holder, I think it's currently Yankee Candles Lavender & Lemon. 

My scentless candle that my wee mummy bought me because she said it was totes me bless her. 

I can not wait for when I have my own place to completely deck out. I'm obsessed with Home Decor on Pinterest. So, that's the lot, I'm sure it will change and I'll have to do updates but for now that's what I'm working with and I'm super happy with it at the minute!


  1. This looks lovely! Definitely enjoy your desk, I miss having one now I live in a little flat! I love the fairy lights in a jar too, I have a whole heap which I can't decide what to do with so I think I will do that! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I adore your desk!
    And I own the same Jake mug, mine stores pens but I think your lipstick looks better in it! xo

  3. How adorable are those Jake and Jack mugs? I think you found the perfect way to utilize them too. Hahaha! Anyway, I can tell from that tiny sneak peek of your room that you have amazing taste for design. I'd love to see more, so make sure to keep us posted. Thanks for sharing that, Frances! All the best to you! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express


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