Thursday, 8 January 2015

Inspiring People | Alan Watts

I thought I would start a sort of series, for the new year, of people that inspire me and that could possibly inspire you too. I feel being able to inspire someone in a positive way is one of the greatest things you can do. Energy is contagious and these people help me remember that.
Starting off the series is Alan Watts. Born in Britain and moved to America when he was 23, Alan Watts is a popular philosopher, writer and speaker. He made the move to New York and began Zen training and has wrote over 25 books and articles that relate to Eastern and Western religion, focusing on Buddhism.
Just to be clear this isn't a post about religion, I'm not trying to preach or make one religion appear better than any other. I have simply been inspired by some of Alan Watts words that I would like to share them.

I first came across this Alan Watts when I watched 'The Greatest Speech Ever' on YouTube (a very powerful video, I would recommend watching) and one of Alan Watts videos was in the side bar.

As soon I watched this I was obsessed, I think I watched every other video relating to Alan Watts ever after that. The motivation and inspiration of deep thought is incredible. 

Another video here, made me re-think my whole university degree and the career than would inevitably come after and the 'success' it would bring.

It has inspired me to pursue more creative endeavours but even if I do end up on a completely different path I hope it's one that I love and that I'm still dancing along the way.  

This last video is about when good and bad things happen to you and how your thoughts on those events can impact your perspective on them. 

For me I just try to appreciate the good things when they happen and when bad things happen, appreciate the good things that have happened even more. Find the good in the bad. 

So there's a few inspirational words that I have found very helpful in my life and I hope you do too. I would have loved to be one of his students or attend one of his talks but I'm so thankful he put thought to paper!
If it's not for you, no worries, each to their own!

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