Monday, 5 January 2015

52 Healthy Habits 2015

This was an idea I came up with from seeing all the different ways a deck of cards can be used on Pinterest. The idea is to write 52 healthy habits that will help you be more proactive, productive and positive on a 52 card deck and to pick one at random each week for a year. When you have picked your card, display it somewhere where you will see it every day and try to do the thing on the card every day for a week. Add a card each week. This is in the hope that these will slowly become healthy habits over the next year because when you try to do things all at once, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and end up not working out. Slow and steady wins the race, if it's a lifestyle change you're looking for then this is a great way to start!

  1. Wake up at 8AM
  2. Mediate 
  3. Eat an extra piece of fruit daily
  4. Eat an extra piece of veg daily 
  5. No takeaways 
  6. Get daily light exposure
  7. Avoid intolerant foods 
  8. Keep a food journal 
  9. No phone before bed
  10. Listen to more music
  11. Practice good posture 
  12. Take a walk
  13. Eat breakfast every morning
  14. Phone away when with people
  15. Warm lemon water every morning
  16. Collect loose change in a jar
  17. Floss after every brush
  18. Cook for the family
  19. Practice yoga outside
  20. Drink nothing but water
  21. Limit Sugar 
  22. Read before bed
  23. Move daily
  24. Don't drink
  25. Stick to a morning face routine
  26. Stick to a night time face routine 
  27. Count to 10 before replying when angry 
  28. Practice patience 
  29. Cook one meal from scratch daily 
  30. Only check phone when there's a notification
  31. Don't eat after 9PM
  32. Drink green tea daily 
  33. Eat a super food daily 
  34. Pre plan meals for the week
  35. Complement someone each day 
  36. Practice gratitude 
  37. Contact an old friend
  38. Don't wear PJ's outside of bedroom
  39. Limit laptop time
  40. Limit processed foods
  41. Juice everyday
  42. Practice a new sport
  43. Be present 
  44. Create a happy jar
  45. No fizzy pop
  46. De-clutter room 
  47. Learn something new
  48. Start a dream star jar
  49. Don't eat when board
  50. Plan a trip to somewhere new
  51. Make smoothie bowls
  52. Read everyday 
Obviously you can make your own list of 52 things or even 26 things and take it slower with every fortnight, whatever works best for you! Also it's the first Monday of the year which makes it the most motivational! I hope this helps in becoming a healthier happier person in 2015. 

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  1. This is a great idea! I always think you will stick to resolutions more if you take them slow and steady. I really want to schedule my laptop and social media time more this year, and spend a bit less screen time! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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