Sunday, 4 January 2015

A-Z Review of 2014

If you haven't already check out my A-Z Review of 2013 here it was one of my favourite posts to make, so I'm doing it again, here is my A-Z Review of 2014.

This year I have been obsessed with this season, from Pinterest to fashion. I just love the fall and all the colours it brings. My favourite makeup looks are always Autumn ones, I would wear berry lipsticks all year round if I could. (and I do, yolo)

This August was my first year blogiversary and I'm so happy I kept it up, I only wish I had started sooner. The community is super great and I can't wait for the year ahead.

This year I was lucky enough to see London Grammar and Ed Sheeran. I've always loved going to concerts and next year I'm going to make more of an effort to fill in my concert scrapbook that I have neglected for too long.

This year I completed the biggest piece of work of my life. It felt like it took forever at the time but looking back on it now, I would totally do it all over again. I actually miss doing lab reports, weird.

Last years E was the same. I just love Edinburgh city, I'm so grateful to have visited this year again. I really wouldn't mind living there, I think the city is just beautiful.

Towards the end of this year I've really been thinking about the food that I eat and the effects it has on my body. A healthy body equals a healthy mind is something I've found to be very true and it's something I really need to remind myself of.

What a proud proud day. I was so happy that my mummy and granda made it over from Ireland to watch me graduate. I was so so proud of all my friends, they really did work hard all year and it was so special getting to celebrate that day along side them.

Something I've been trying to concentrate on this year is creating happiness and being happy myself, which both go hand in hand really. Radiate positive vibes.

This year I moved back home after finished university and in that time I got to explore more of my home country along with my American cousins. Although I don't feel like I want to live here for much longer I will always return, I'm sure a lot of people have those feelings about their home.

I have a really bad habit in that I take some jokes too seriously, jokes about me I mean and I only hinder myself. I get too paranoid and over think every single thing. I've tried to work on it in the tail end of this year but it will definitely be my goal next year to work towards not talking things personal or assuming.

This year I've been a bit obsessed with the 3 gates to the point where I write out a big long text message in reply to someone and end up changing it because some things don't pass the 3 gates. The gates being truth, necessary and kind. It's quite hard to hold your tongue sometimes but I would rather me think I'm right and say I'm wrong to save a friendship on things that really don't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.

This year my best friend Tash left for Lancaster to study to be a teacher and me and a few friends were lucky enough to visit! The weekend was full of girlie fun, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I love love love meditating, I feel it really calms me down at night and refreshes me for the day. Attending classes has helped a lot because you learn a lot. Tai Chi is also amazing, it's basically moving meditation, excited for the warmer weather for the outside classes.

The little birdie flew the nest this year, my brave best friend set of for England to become the worlds best teacher. We have completely swapped places and I miss her dearly. The year will fly in and I'm loving watching her grow.

I go through these stages were I'm just in love with things, like they could be anything or anyone. This year it has been Ewan McGregor. He's just n absolute all rounder. It started one night when I came in drunk and watched Valiant, a movie which he voice acts for the main character and I just can not get over his accent. Like my husband has to be Scottish, I love that accent more than any other!

Psychology Grad Ball
Best night of university hands done. Everyone is in agreement, it was just perfect. Utterly perfect. We still talk and rave about it now. Big events like those always go so well and it is definitely a night I will remember forever.

Another obsession, thanks to Niomi Smart the youtuber. Her lifestyle is so inspiring. I can't count the number of recipes I've made of hers, she should really write a book.

This year I have got rid of tonnes of my stuff. I mean like over half my things. I always knew I had a lot of crap I just didn't know how much. Anyway I got rid of it before I moved back home and I don't miss a thing, I would highly recommend a clear out.

My darling older cousin came to see my at uni, finally, we've only been talking about it for three years! It was such a fun weekend with a lot of deep conversations. She's one of the best inspirations in my life.

Another inspiration is my little brother Thomas. He is literally the best human I know. For an 18 year old he's got his head screwed on right, he always has really. He came to visit me for the second time at uni and we had a blast. I love that he got a little bit of independent travel.

Sometimes it's all too easy to think that person is just being a poohead when they are being mean or rude but maybe it's not personal and they are only acting that way because something is troubling them in their lives. If it's a good friend I would never give up on them because I would know deep down their hostility isn't to do with me. I've came across this a few times this year and I always try my best to understand where they are coming from.

As I moved back home this September, it wasn't long before I was back to Newcastle. It was October in fact, I just can't keep away. I wonder how long it will be until the next.

This year I attended two family weddings and I adored both. I just love love love family weddings. Everyone is in such high spirits and generally up for a good time. I love dancing with all my older relatives while daring them to down some of the most strongest shots.

This will always be for my loved ones. I just like reflecting on how grateful I am to have them in my life. I'm so incredibly blessed honestly. My life is so rich and I thank the universe everyday for that.

Meaning me, soz. This year I turned 22 and to me it just seems like a you year. Like a year to concentrate on yourself and becoming the person you want to be. At least that has been my main focus and will continue to be in the new year.

Last years post was also on sleep. I still feel like I sleep too much, it's a major flaw I have. I've been trying to work hard on becoming a morning person but I'm finding it difficult. I will always keep trying though!

I hope you've had a blessed 2014 and have hope for 2015!


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