Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Visit from my Little Brother

This weekend I had a wee visit from my younger brother Thomas. I was feeling a little home sick so it was greatly needed. He came over last year when I was in second year and we had a great time!  

So I picked him up from the airport and we got the metro back to mine. 
It was late at night so we just unpacked and chilled. 

Look our mummy got us matching jimjams cus she's super cute!

We went to the cinema, shopping, ate good food and had good craic all round. This is an outfit I got him, I could not believe he didn't own a pair of skinny jeans so we went straight to Primark to sort that out! 
The shirt is from Topman, I'm so glad he loves it!

He's Rosie obviously, just look at those cheeks! Haha
It's been great having a little bit of home over in Newcastle, I've had such a nice time but now it's time for some serious work as my dissertation is due in a month. Scary times!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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