Friday, 7 March 2014

Top Ten | Gigs

I've been to a lot of gigs, more so recently since I've come to university. It's far easier to get tickets to a gig in England than it is in Ireland. Even though I have made some questionable choices of gigs in the past 
*cough* westlife *cough* clubland *cough* Akon *cough* 
I have been to some awesome gigs, mostly ending up in me going home that night and becoming obsessed with them for the next month.
I'm slowly making a scrapbook of all the gigs I've been too that I hope to update this summer when I've more time and money.
said scrapbook

Let's just jump straight in.

(Sunderland, Stadium of Light - 07/06/12)
this was defiantly top of my list, hands down best gig i've ever been too. it was their mylo xyloto tour were they gave out light up bracelets for everyone to wear. it was magical, i only wish i had chris martins view when they all lit up. honestly look you to another world

(Belfast, Ulster Hall - 19/08/13)
now this was magic, i can't even explain how this gig made me feel. all the synonyms for the word happy x100 i just felt so much joy at this gig. i was with my best friend lorna and the fact that she was feeling it as much as me made it so much better. so much love for the lead singer dan, he made it so memorable    

(Belfast, Odyssey Arena - 31/05/09)
queen b, sasha fierce, i am... world tour. she is flawless. i've been obsessed with every album and i just had to go to this concert! it's the dearest one i've been too but i would have paid double the price. her energy is crazy. cried

(Belfast, Odyssey Arena - 08/11/08)
can't believe it was nearly six years ago that i seen this genius. i know he's quite controversial and not everyone loves him but i do. graduation is one of my favourite albums and i used to be obsessed with him around 2008 and i made it known haha. cried

(Belfast, Odyssey Arena - 29/10/08)
i'm so glad i got to see these guys before they split. every song i've heard of theirs, i adore. even though the gig was 90% smelly males i have such a good time. ps noel is my favourite hehe

(Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena - 16/03/12)
the line up that night was perfect, spector, the horrors and florence.
florence was a vision, her voice is just incredible

(Belfast, Queens SU - 26/03/11)
front row in a really small venue is my favourite. i swear justin was just singing to me. we also met freddie in the club after the show and nearly got into vip where the rest of the bad were if it hadn't been for a poopy security guard. but they played all my favourite's of the album

(Edinburgh, Liquid Room - 01/03/13)
these guys are seriously good live. so much energy, sounding identical to the album and dans hair bigger than ever. they seem like such nice guys too in interviews which always makes me like artists more. wish we had of bumped into them after the show cus i'm sure they would have been knocking around

(Newcastle, Northumbria SU - 10/02/14)
i was supposed to see them in october but it got postponed to february but they were worth the wait. hannah reid's voice range is incredible i couldn't get over it also i fancy the drummer and his hair

(Newcastle, Northumbria SU - 20/02/12)
such a good vibe that night, the aura was just so peaceful and hypnotic. i'm really glad i got to see him in such an intimate setting. it was the first time i heard 'depth over distance' and i don't think i'll ever forget it. cried   


So many gigs have been left out of this list that where incredible too but there's my list. 
What's your favourite gig?

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x



  1. I bet Coldplay and Beyonce were amazing. I would love to see them, Bruno Mars and The Foo Fighters. x

    1. Oh my goodness how could I forget Foo Fighters!! I'm really annoyed now haha it's cus I didn't have their ticket in front of my while I was doing this post, I just have just forgot! I saw them in Belfast at T Vital, such a powerful show, xx

  2. Seeing The Kooks before they went famous in a tiny record store in Newcastle with about 10 other people would have to be one of my favorites, that and seeing System of a Down.

    1. Oh wow that would have been awesome!! Intimate shows are my favourite, esp when you see them for like £8 and people are now seeing them for over £30 haha. Huge concerts have such good atmosphere as well :) xx

  3. I was supposed to me going to see Bastille in Newcastle just last month but when I realised that they were coming THE TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT!
    Make sure to check out my blog!



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