Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Victoria's 21st Birthday

My friend Victoria turned 21 and a surprise party was held for her in our local RamJam. A pub filled with friendly familiar people is always a good scene. I loved this night and it was my first proper session in my local since I got home. I was ready for it!

As you can see, I like a lot of volume in my hair, which is very hard to achieve. I also wore my loom chocker that I just made that day cus I was all black err thing #swag I also tried to contour a lot more than I normally would and it came out no different #fail 

Birthday Girl's big bro Gareth and me. 
Me and the Birthday Guuuuurl <3
Home Birds
Me and Martin (the flash if usually my foe, it loves my blemishes) 
Looking decent ready to take our triple death shot (Sambucca, Vodka and Gin)
Speaks for itself really 
The night got a little messy after those shots but a little party never hurt nobody! 
Happy Birthday Victoria you beautiful, kind, wild woman!

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