Monday, 18 August 2014

Belfast Pride Week

This was quite a busy week for me and my chums, we were out every other night until Pride, celebrating the only way we know how. 

Tuesday at Boombox is HOOCHIE night so I tried to channel my inner hood by wearing my leopard print and chains and well that's about as hoochie mama as I get but I was with my hoes!

We stayed in my queen Ryan's flat in Belfast, he and a lot of others we know work in the Belfast gay scene so that meant cheap/free drinks all night which was fine by me. Little did me and Matthew know though, that Ryan's flat is the centre of all after party's. So while we thought we were coming back to eat our pizza and crash, we were greeted by half the club and I was more than alright with that. Party.

Thursday at Boombox is ZZAP! (Swear I'm not promoting them haha). This night me and Matthew were reunited with two of our old high school friends who I love to death, Niamh and Marty.

The best friendships I find are the ones were a whole year could past and it would seem like only yesterday you saw them. That's exactly what me and Niamh have. For the past three years we've been living in different countries and every time I see her it's no different. I would hate to go back to square one with anybody. 

Saturday night was PRIDE! Unfortunately it was raining all day so we didn't make the parade but that just meant more drinking time before we headed to Belfast. Fabulous.

We kit the Kremlin and anyone who was celebrating pride was there, it was packed! 
I love the Krem, it's always such a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

It was an awesome week celebrating good people for who they are. 
Make happiness the goal. 
We all play for the same team, 
others just need a little more practice.
Make your actions the coach. 

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