Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines Weekend in Edinburgh

The photo above may be a little too romantic for what I'm about to write. Firstly that's the cheapest wine I could find in Sainsbury's and secondly I went with one of my best friends Matthew, not a boyfriend. Still, I had thee best time. 

We arrived on Wed 12th, found our hostel, had a walk about, ate and then went out to a pub called The Three Sisters that was just opposite our hostel. Very handy.

We mainly went because they done 2 pints in the one cup, pictured above. Took us about an hour to get through it. We then moved onto Liquid Rooms which was a bit poopy from what I remember. 

Next day (Thurs 13th) we went to Subway and in walks Rizzle Kicks. It was only us and them in the shop, a bit surreal. I was too embarrassed to get a picture so I took a cheeky one when they left. 

That night we met up with my cousin, who lives in Edinburgh, for drinks in Jekyll and Hyde. Such a nice place!! I loved it, we drank the nicest cocktails there. We then convinced my cousin to come out with us and met him in Planet, apparently some dingy gay bar but cheap. Then on to GHQ, I'm the biggest faghag ever so it ended up being one of the best night out I've had.   

Miley Cyrus much? So the next day is Valentines Day and we were supposed to get the 9pm train home but we decided to stay another night! We didn't mind booking another night in the hostel because we were sharing our room with a really nice Australian couple who were backpacking through Europe. So this was our third night out in a row, didn't think I was capable of two night out in a row but when I'm away I don't seem to get hangovers. With another bottle of cheap wine done we headed to Bongo. It was the weirdest place I've ever been too and I loved it. Confusion is Sex and Where the Weird is Normal was their theme. Not wise.

Next day (Sat 15th) we missed our 11am bus and had to wait on the 11pm one. I wanted to die but we kept ourselves occupied moving from coffee shop to coffee shop. I facetimed home when I was in the station which was really nice to see my mummy and younger brother. Also there's these lights in St. Andrew's Square, pictured above, which were really pretty!

So that was our time in Edinburgh, with a few blurry details left out. It's such a pretty city and I can't wait to go back!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I'd love to visit Edinburgh :)



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