Sunday, 16 February 2014

First Beauty Makeup Haul in 2014!

I've been feeling super poorly recently so I took a trip to boots to cheer me up! It worked. 

I don't normal have a look at the collection section apart from when I need a concealer but I thought I'd have a nosy. To be honest the £3 price tag drew me in and I bought the smokey eye palette, because it was so cheap I thought I'd give it a go. 

Now that I have darker hair I've wanted to try a darker foundation and bronzer so I bought rimmels match perfection in classic beige and bourjois delice de poudre bronzing powder.

Something I did not own before now was lip liners. I have the smallest lips ever that completely disappear when I smile so I though I have to do something about it. I watched a video on making your lips look bigger and was inspired to buy rimmels 1000 kisses lasting finish lip pencil in indian pink and MUAs lip liner in pink me up.

With MUA products usually being £1 I can't stay away from it, I caved and bought an eyeliner in starry night which is a glittery black, a bronzer in shade 3, a blusher in cupcake and a lipstick in shade 11.

Another lipstick I bought was Kate Moss in shade 107, both lipsticks pictured below. 

Kate Moss 107 (left)
MUA 11 (right)

So that was my makeup buys to make me feel better! It's defiantly helping.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. those lipsticks look really nice, hope you feel better!

    followed on bloglovin, perhaps you could check me out?

  2. I was going to buy that bronzer but I didn't and I regret it now, I'd love to see what you think about it!


  3. I have that Kate Moss Lipstick and it is amazing!

  4. I really want to try the bourjois delice de poudre bronzing powder. Please do a review on it xx

  5. I actually don't own any lip liners! I should definitely check those out!
    Lovely Haul :)

  6. I dont own any MUA and so I need to remedy this.


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