Thursday, 19 December 2013

#4. Christmas Tree | 12 Days of Christmas

Not the best Christmas Tree in the world but I did do it myself and I think it looks pretty :)
We're always quite late to put up Christmas decorations because my mum and brother are so busy and I don't come home til mid December.

Here's a few more I put up, it's looking really Christmasy now and it's getting me super excited!!
I got a new Christmas jumper also which I'm going to wear to the Christmas Market I think, super excited for that also!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. I think your tree is really cute and the rest of your decorations are too! They're so homey and cozy :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. Your tree looks really pretty! It's really nice to see another Irish person on here blogging!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas at home!

    Merry Christmas!


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