Thursday, 5 December 2013

#11. Cinema | 12 Days of Christmas

In my previous post I made a list of 12 things to do before 2013 ends called 12 Days of Christmas and going to the cinema is the first thing I get to tick off my list!

I went to see the new Hunger Games film, Catching Fire.
It. Was. Amazing. 

As soon as I came out of the cinema me and Matthew instantly wanted to go see it again, or more ideally see the third movie Mocking jay!

First goal unlocked :)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 


  1. We went to see this recently and OMG it was amazing! Can't wait for the third installment! x
    The Jolly Fashionista

  2. Do you think it was better than the first film? I'm looking forward to seeing this!

    1. Yess defiantly! The outfits have defiantly stepped up a notch and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as always :)

  3. The movie was so good! Absolutely loved it ♥

  4. Thanks for the follow I've followed back! :) I went to see this on Tuesday and LOVED it!! I've read all the books too and think it did it justice! xxx


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