Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scary Movie Date

Last night was one of those nights that you just call your girls round, order a Chinese and rent a scary movie. That scary movie happened to be 'Mama'. Now I could hardly tell you the story line because I was mostly watching it through my fingers the whole time but I love just chillin with my lovely's. It was the usual night filled with gossip and non stop laughing so there would be nothing unusual about this post bar the fact that I love these two girls to death. 

These girls being Lorna and Tash.
(Cheeky wee picture of the best girls ever! ~Me, Lorna, Tash~)

Honestly couldn't live without these two and they definitely deserve centre place in my blog, I'm sure there will be plenty more posts about them and you'll get used to hearing their names :) 
I've known Tash (Natasha) since birth since we are cousins and were born 24 days apart and I've been best friends with Lorna for about 7 years or so and known her since primary school.

They are the original weirdos and 10 seconds in their company you would love them forever. Last October they came over from Ireland to Newcastle to stay in my uni house for my 20th birthday and it was some show! Although they were only there for 3 days they made a very positive lasting impression on my English friends. Very much so that they can't wait to have them over again for my 21st which I can not wait for because they are coming over for 5 full days!! Stay tuned for that blog entry, it will be some show because no one is wise, no one. 

(Taken on the 27th October, day after my birthday, round 2! ~Lorna, Me, Tash~)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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