Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Green Tea Obsession

Drinking green tea has been a relatively new thing for me and once I started I became obsessed! Especially because Morrison's does their own cute range for like 75p.

  Look at how cute the are

I had 9 different types of green tea, tad obsessive but their all so good and have major health benefits. This is one of the main reasons I drink green tea because when I drink coffee or regular tea I tend to add too much sugar, too much being 5 tea spoons depending on the mug size. No judging I just can't drink them without it haha

So I made the switch to green tea and I'm so happy with the choice's out there. 
My favourite being peppermint and licorice tea by 'pukka' it has the best after taste!
For now, as I'm staying back to my mummy's house for summer the cupboard is stocked with peppermint tea and lemon and ginger tea which is fine by me! 

Time for a peppermint now I think...

 Recommended 6 minutes but I just keep my tea bag in while drinking for extra flavour 

Perfect cuppa!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 


  1. These are so cute! I'll definitely have to check them out when I'm at uni :)

    1. Aren't they and there's so many flavours as well :)
      Just checked out your blog and instantly followed! I love day trips to London, I don't get to do them too often but it's one of my favourite places! Also your photos are amazing :)


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