Tuesday, 20 August 2013


So last night me and my best friend Lorna went to the Imagine Dragons concert in the 
Ulster Hall, Belfast. 

(Here's a cheeky wee pre-show photo)

Lorna said it was the best concert she'd ever been too, I feel nothing can top Coldplay 2012 but it did come very close! The band had so much energy and Dan (the lead singer) told us that he was so happy to come from Las Vegas to Belfast and for all of us to be singing their songs back to them. He also said that they are normal guys just like us and all they want their songs to do is make you be in the moment and just forget bout everything. They defiantly achieved that, I felt like my brain just shut off and the rest of my body was just oozing happiness. Absolutely amazing and the best thing is I'm lucky enough to be seeing them again in November! 10/10

(Cheeky wee video off the footage taken on the night, I tried not to have my phone out for long and to just be in the moment ;) Subway's were had, footlong, had to be done)  

Speak soon, stay lucky x 

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