Friday, 23 August 2013

Girlie Day Out

Yesterday me and five of my friends went out to lunch in Belfast which lead onto afternoon cocktails which lead to evening drinks which then lead to night time shots. 
#sorrynotsorry haha had to be done. 

(Lorna, Tash, Sam and Me)

After lunch and a few pitchers, six became four and it was so good catching up and taking endless pictures and videos. Yep, videos and they ain't pretty! Trust me I'm doing you a favour by not putting them up! Needless to say we were the loudest at lunch so we moved onto a bar.

 (Ok, you can have one wee video)

We continued on to another bar and by the end of the night four had become two. Me and Tash were the last ones standing which resulted in a lot more videos and shots. 

(Standard bathroom posing)
(Bad photos are all stored safely on my phone away from the light of day) 

Obviously we ended the night in subway (it staying open to 4am is a blessing!) and a taxi home. It was an awesome day and me and Tash made it to the end. 
2pm-2am achievement unlocked!

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. Pitchers are always a good decision. Looks like a fun night! :)

    1. I agree especially at 2 for £15, too hard to resist lol love your blog by the way :)


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