Friday, 8 May 2015

My Thoughts On Tattoos & My 1st Tattoo

First and only tattoo sadly because I want them ALL. Jokes but I did write a tattoo wishlist post that you can check out here. I got this tattoo on my 18th birthday and I'm 22 now. I will say it's not the best work, the place was slightly dodgy now that I think back to it but I love it now just as much as I did when I got it done! I get that that's a fear for most people when it comes to tattoos, regret. Honestly, I wouldn't mind not liking a tattoo years down the line because at one point in my life it meant so much to me to make it permanent and that part of your life is just as valid as any other. That for me is reason enough and wipes away any fear. We change all the time but every stage in life is important and tattoos are great reminders of that. 

My thoughts on the great tattoo debate, meaning or no meaning. A lot of people disagree with getting tattoos with no reason behind them. Some people seem to think that they need this great story or a chilling tale. I think that they can just be an appreciation of art as well. I don't have a bad opinion on people getting a tattoo simply because they like the look of it. Each to their own and all that. I don't think you can only get a certain tattoo because of any reason. How can I when I have a tattoo of a language that I don't speak haha.
Tattoos can be a reflection of your personality and they can be a great way of self expression. 
In the words of my Queen RuPaul 'you're born naked and the rest is drag'. From the clothes you choose to wear to extreme body modification, it's all apart of who you are. Why other people are so negatively interested in other people being who they want to be, is beyond me! I could go on forever about equality and all that but I doubt anyone has the time to read all that so onto my own tattoo.

Here's a better placement photo firstly, positioned on the back of my neck. Originally I wanted it twice as big but the tattooist thought this was a better size and I trusted his opinion. I thought of the idea a year previously and told myself that if I still wanted it in a years time then I would get it on my 18th birthday and here we are four years later, still loving it. Now for the answer to the question everyone asks, 'what's it mean?' and that answer is 'Little Brother' or younger brother to be precise in Chinese. He's alive and well by the way, most peoples first reactions are that it is a remembrance tattoo so I like to get that fact out of the way first. 
The idea spawned from my favourite lyric from a Kanye West song, 'if you admire someone you should go ahead and tell them, people never get the flowers while they can still smell them'. Despite telling my little brother I love him everyday I decided to show him in tattoo form while we're both still here to appreciate it. 

I can't wait for my next tattoo and the one after that and the one after that...

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  1. I have 3 so far and each does have a meaning to me which some of which i don't tell people for personal reasons but they mean alot to me. I do want more but i do honestly think its worth taking your time and thinking/deciding for a long time so you know its right x
    Emma | Emmys Blog


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