Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Inspiring Videos

Inspiration comes in many forms and I welcome each and every one of them. I'm inspired everyday to evolve lost ideas, enhance my well-being and kindly participant in the universe. If it gives me motivation to positively improve any aspect of my life, I'll take it. Some of my inspiration comes from YouTube videos that I stumble across and immediately send to everyone I know so I though I would share some of my favourites with the blogger world as they might inspire you too!

I'll start with familiar faces on YouTube, Troye Sivan and Louis Cole.
Troye Sivan - Becoming You | I love Troye's videos and this is by far my favourite. I've watched it at least 20 times. It's creatively shot and edited with a great message. Be you by creating yourself. It's hard sometimes to not get caught up in what your friends or other people are doing and imitating them to be safe. Find your style and your flair and own it!

Louis Cole - Living The Adventure | Now if this video doesn't give you the travel bug I don't know what will. I've always loved the thought of travelling the globe but at the minute my funds are making it impossible. This video however gives me momentum to hatch a plan to make all my travelling dreams come true.

Next is my main man Alan Watts. All my friends are familiar with his videos now whether they wanted to be or not. I just pester them with his videos all the time. I previously wrote an appreciation post about him here: Inspiring People | Alan Watts. So I will just leave a link to what I think is one of his best words, Alan Watts - What If Money Was No Object?

The Jelly Bean video. The Time You Have (In Jellybeans). This video came out about 2 years ago and knocked me for six. It really makes you think about your day to day life and how precious those hours in your day are. I try to be in the moment as much as I can but I'm defiantly a head in the future girl, making plans and lists and talking about those plans and lists. Videos like these many me stop and really appreciate what I have in the now.

Jim Carrey Speech . I think this is great advice for people stuck in their career or thinking about with career path to go down. Sometimes the older we get the more we think we are out of time and can't change now. Which is completely not true, you are never to old to life your life the way you want too.

I've saved to best until last. The Greatest Speech Ever. If this doesn't get your pulses racing and make you feel like your ready to take on the world then I can't help you much more. I feel so empowered after I watch this video and makes you think world peace is that little bit closer.

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."
- Ronald Reagan

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