Friday, 1 May 2015

April in Frames

I'm so thankful that I keep a one line diary to jot down anything that happened that day, it makes these monthly update posts sooo much easier! I couldn't even tell you what I had for breakfast let along what happened all last month. Anywho I checked it today and April starts with a trip to the cinema to see Cinderella with my besties Lorna, Tash and Sam. 
The first weekend of April is a big one, Easter Sunday, a day the whole town celebrates with a drink. This year it was my friend Sorcha's brothers 30th spent up in Belfast. All day Belfast sessions are the best, everyone made an effort, we all we're rockin it. 

I think it was only the weekend after that, that we we're back in PK's our local for another Sunday sesh. It was a great night's criac with Sorcha and Gareth ending with a cheesy chip, result. I started Slimming World this month finally! Needed to be done, and lost 7 1/2 pounds in my first week, well chuffed, perfect motivation to keep going! Along with that me and Gareth have started going on runs twice a week, God help my soul.

My chummy Matty came home for a few days from uni with his friend Tom so the three of us took off on an adventure and explored a bit more of our motherland. We went to the Giant's Causeway and some other untouched parts of Ireland that were stunning to see. Me and my mummy went for a Sunday stroll in Murlough beach, was such a lovely day, it's one of the best walks in Down. 

Forgot to say we put Matty in drag on our sleepover, what a sport, he killed it naturally. See photo above, also next to it is my recent tattoo obsession, morse code. The reason I put a photo in of 'Once Upon A Time' other than me being obsessed with it is because I watched so many episodes in one day after a horrible job experience. I'll explain a bit more quickly, 3 day interview process, one day was 10 hours long, got the job, had to call back and decline. It was horrible, on both parties I'm sure. It just left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Other than that I had an amazing month, here's to the next! 

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