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Scotland | Ed in a Bra

I always have the best intentions to make these travel posts pretty, yano, getting those photos with the perfect lighting and angle. Beautiful pictures of your food and drink, landmarks taken from the ground or landscapes taken from above, insta worthy, if you will. However in reality I always forget to take out my camera unless it's for a million selfies before a night out. That's basically all my travel post are at the minute because I'm always visiting friends. Meaning my trips consist of drinking and chilling because I'm still a student at heart! Can't believe it's been nearly 8 months since I graduated, unreal. This trip was no different as you may be able to guess, I will try harder to be more concious of a pretty blog post next time though, I promise.

Before I get into it I feel like I should explain the title "Ed in a Bra" as it's a little strange. I went on this trip with four other groovy people and we're all in a group convo on WhatsApp that has that very title so I thought it was only fitting. It mainly consists of slagging each other off and Kardashian memes. It's pure brilliance.

The flight from Belfast to Glasgow is the quickest flight I have ever come across, it's about 20 minutes, literally up and down, it's fantastic. I took the morning flight at 11:30 which is a blessing since I'm used to the 8am morning flights to Newcastle, meaning my alarm is set for 4am, so it was a nice lie in this time. My friend Niamh (2nd year nursing, very jelly she's still a student) lives in Paisley which is a super fast 5 minutes taxi ride from the airport, ideal. My friend Ryan (living in Glasgow, recently moved from Belfast) met me at the airport though to take me back which was super nice because I've never flown into Glasgow airport before. Bloody long walk from the terminal I found out.
Nothing much to report on the day, I just settled into Niamh's flat which, by the way, has a broken front door into the set of flats. Just to give you a good picture of the area were in here, handy if it's raining and your not the one with a key mind. Might as well say that Niamh's bedroom had a minor flood from the room above the night before so we were all cosy wosy on the sofa bed. Quite a few things seemed to be going wrong at this point but the leak and everything else never dampened our spirits haha ha ha... Remind me to never attempt a pun again, thanks. Moving swiftly along, fast forward to night time, we were getting ready to head out. Even though the main party was in Edinburgh we thought we'd have a little warm up. We played Head's Up while downing our shared bottle of Vodka and headed to Polo. Slight hickup, Niamh forgot her I.D. but she was more than happy with heading back home because she was pooped so me and Ryan pursued the night. We ended up in a cute little two person booth with a bottle of wine listening to an incredible voice singing songs from Rocky Horror and The Little Mermaid, I was in my element. Nice wee way to spend a night in Glasgow.

Ok so we had no idea that the buses from Glasgow to Edinburgh ran every 15 minutes and was only £6 return. I think we were the only people ever to have booked it online to show the drivers our megabus codes, they looked so confused bless them and we looked like idiots. BUT WE WERE ON OUR WAY WOO! We arrived in Ed at half 5 and met my cousin Kyle (moved to Ed 6 years ago to study, very rightly never moved back) after work to plan out our night and more importantly bought our alcohol for the night. We decided to buy a litre of spirit each and fruit juice to make one big cocktail for the four of us. We were staying in the Belford Hostel the Friday and Saturday night which is kind of out of the way a wee bit but it didn't cost much to get anywhere in taxi's between us all. I would stay there again because the inside was so cool, it was a converted Church so it had a huge height and cool illustrations on the walls. Turns out we couldn't drink our own alcohol there because they have their own licensed bar so we got ready and headed to Kyle's flat for pre drinks. That night was pretty eventful, everyone was getting to know each other so it was a little crazy.

I woke up in Kyles because Niamh and Ryan had went back to the hostel and I was feeling pretty fresh amazingly. My friend Joe (uni friend, lives in Newcastle) took the train up that Saturday morning, meeting us in Kyles barring gifts, ice-lollies! Best hangover cure ever. We chilled in Kyles for a couple of hours then got the taxi back to the hostel so I could finally get out of my glad rags and get ready for the day. After making myself suitable for life again we headed into Ed city centre for a well needed Spoons, cocktails and a burger, I was feeling 100% again. After being fed and watered it was time for our night time routine, drink bought, hostel, get ready, head to Kyle's and pre drink. I could have pre drank all night, it's usually one of the best parts of the night. A few videos were recorded in the process so I'll have to put them together as like a Hangover Part 4 montage. Topped up with alcohol once again we heading into town and found an 80s room where we pretty much stayed most of the night.

I should have been incredibly hungover at this point but to just keep drinking seems to keep it at bay, who knew. Check out was 10am we could have cried, so so thankful of Kyle's flat at this point. We literally watched four movies in a row while eating our weight in snacks. Proper hangover day. Me and Joe slipped away for a coffee refresher before leaving Ed, well actually I had a cocktail refresher but it totally did the trick. Our bus back to Glasgow wasn't until half 7, pretty poor planning on my part, we did just laze about all day but it was nice spending time with everyone. Said our goodbyes and back to Glasgow with Niamh and Ryan. Since we were skint from the weekend we got the bus back to Paisley after the megabus totalling about 3 hours with a half hour wait for chicken and a slow walk back. We we're pooped! Feel asleep as soon as we ate.

A much needed lie in, waving Niamh off to uni bless her while me and Ryan snoozed on. We did repay her though by completely blitzing out her flat, mop and all. It was so amazing spending time with my home birds before my flight at half 7. Only took 20 minutes from Niamh's flat, through check in and security until I was sat waiting for my gate to me called, 20 minutes, Niamh has the life of it.

That was my Scotland trip in a nutshell. I was so blessed to have went away with such an amazing group who got on so well even if they are from different parts of my life. Can't wait for the next trip!

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