Thursday, 26 March 2015

Favourite Free Apps for Bloggers on the iPhone/iPad

Starting with the obvious ones, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat and Youtube. All self explanatory and all ones that I spend most of my time on mainly for laughs and photos. 

Netflix | Currently watching a lot of anime and Grimm
Podcast | Mainly use this for catching up on Grimmys Radio 1 show and Tyler Oakley's Psycobabble
iPlayer Radio | I like to put this on in the morning while I'm getting ready
Spotify | One of my all time favourite apps, love creating my own playlists to get ready too
Storie | A great app for documenting your day to day life with little clips and to watch others 

moment | headspace | podcast
Trivia Crack | Such a good trivia games with different categories, I'm addicted 
1010 | Something I play if I'm board or to pass any time waiting
Afterlight | The only app I've ever paid for (69p) and it's well worth it, I edit ever IG photo using this
Snapseed | To be honest it super similar to afterlight if you don't feel like paying 

Easyjet | I fly a lot so it's perfect to keep track of times and boarding passes
Moment | The perfect app to track your time on your phone or iPad, eye opener for sure
Headspace | Perfect meditation guide for beginners, only takes ten minutes a time
Timehop | I go on this app every morning first thing, it's like a routine, so fun looking back on older posts
Notes | I'm consistently typing ideas on my notes, so handy when your out and about, I'd be lost without it

spotify | 1010 | instagram

Let me know if I've missed out any necessities for bloggers and also let me know what your favourite apps are!



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