Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Year of 21st's

So the year of 18th's was celebrated with all of my high school friends and now that I'm going into 3rd year, all the 21st's will be celebrated with a completely different group of people. University has been a completely new chapter for me and I am so excited to serve up cute realness with all my uni friends on their 21st birthdays. 

First it was my house friend Rach's 21st where we had pre drinks in our house with a lot of people new and old, some craic. Then we ventured into town and hit ye olde faithful Digital (like an alternative indie scene club, just my cuppa tea).

three amigos stayed behind (to drink more, such classy ladies)

My other house friend Lisa's 21st was next and we went to her home town for the most traditional birthday I've been to, it was perfect!!
Girlies getting ready in the house, glasses of rose, friends, family, cake, buffet, DJ, dancing with the Irish grandma and ending up in town.

how cute are our wee arms in the mirror <3 
how innocent do we all look

I had such a fun time at both 21st's and I can't wait for the rest, ja feel? Ja feel.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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  1. You all look gorgeous!

    Hope you had an amazing night :)

    Hmm maybe...


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