Sunday, 1 September 2013

August WrapUp 2013

In 10 days I go back to Newcastle to move into my new house and start my last year of university and I'm super excited but this post is about looking back on the things I've done over the summer while I've been at home in Ireland. It's been great seeing old friends and family and I've tried by best to record along the way, something my friends know all too well about, bless them. They will be glad of my videos in the long run, I hope! 

This month is also the month I started this blog and I'm so happy I took the leap, I can't get over the kindness of the blogging community, everyone has been nothing but nice and I thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I'm too excited for the future but it will come soon enough so for now I'm just going to enjoy looking back and look forward.

My little brother / Lorna and @Imagine Dragons / Brennan's Ice-Cream 
  • My little brother Thomas and I posing before I head into town.
  • Lorna and me before the Imagine Dragons concert in Belfast which I've done a full post on
  • The best ice-cream on the planet, Brennan's, it's legendary in Co. Down
Netflix (God send) / With Tash @Belfast bar crawl / Queen T #specialauguest
  • Watched series 1 of Prison Break and staying caught up with Breaking Bad yo!
  • Tash and I pre cocktails and just after a lovely lunch mmm curry club 
  • My Queen, howled at every auguest video #TOE #SAWLER #TYMRIE

Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry / Calm before the storm pre drinks / With Lorna @RamJam
  • Proud of making the curry by myself, tastes gorge! Ta to my friend Joe for teaching me how
  • Having a solo glass of wine listening to the Bee Gees before the girls call round to join the pre's
  • Me and Lorna in our local pub the infamous Ramery a.k.a The RamJam

It's not quite the structure I wanted for a wrap-up but I'm still loving and learning :)
Any who I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope future Frank enjoys looking back on it also, here's a wee video full of August Antics! 

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. This is such a cool way to sum up a month, love the addition of a video!

    Rachel xx


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