Monday, 9 February 2015

Lisa's 30th | Cafe Vaudeville

(hannah, tash, lisa, lorna, moi, wee maggie)

Hello all, so I've just about recovered from this night out but it was 100% worth it. Before this, I hadn't been out since new year's day, that's like 5 weeks, an absolute drought in my life. I'm not a student any more that's for sure. Anywho my cousin Lisa turned the big three oh and her sister (my bffl) Tash came home for the weekend from uni. It was a fancy affair. If you haven't been to Cafe Vaudeville in Belfast, it's a Luxebar & Dining establishment with a Parisian atmosphere. I suggest you get your glad-rags on and go! We were VIP so we were upstairs at the House of Champagne drinking, you guessed it, free champagne. 

The night was perfect, pre drinks in Tash's, PK's for pre bar and taxi to Belfast. Even the taxi there and back was hilar. It was great to have Tash back for a weekend to get out with her and Lorna, my favourite girls in the world. Belfast is a beautiful city, I need to explore it more and soak up all it has to offer!

Thanks for the awesome night Lis, the hinch girls sure do scrub up well.

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