Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Favourite Lush Products

I love lush as much as the next guy and girl and I've done the impossible by narrowing down some of my favourite products. Minus all the incredible bath bombs and bars obvs.

Sea Salt Shampoo 
This is a weird one when you first start using it, the texture is different to any other shampoo I've used. Once it starts to lather up though it works like a treat. It makes my hair feel thicker and stronger and leaves it smelling gorgeoussss.

Brazened Honey Face Mask
I got this for my birthday from my friend lj and I've been using it every other week since, I just love it. It smells like a bunch of fresh flowers and works so well on my skin. It brings everything to the surface and leaves you with clear skin for the next day.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub  
Can't get over how much I'm loving this product, I really thought it wouldn't do much but believe the hype. I can't imagine ever needing to purchase another one of these because it last such a long time and because of that I think it's very cheap. Tastes delicious also.   

What are your lush product must haves? 


  1. I love Lush bath products but have never tried any skincare products. I should try it out

    Nashia | makeupandbeautymayhem

  2. Hey! Nice review, would love to hear your thoughts on some of our bath bombs!? www.trinitevillage.co.uk

  3. That schampoo looks interesting. Could you do a fuller review?

    Love from Sweden


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