Monday, 9 June 2014

Family Visit

On the 4th June my cousin Sarah flew over to Newcastle to visit me for a few days. It was a pure relaxation holiday with 3 straight nights of drinking. Think I live up to the Irish stereotype a bit too much. 

Bars, clubs, nando's and wine basically sums up the weekend. Oh and Netflix and doritos obvs.

It was so nice of Sarah to come over and spend that time with me. Even though she's just two years older than me I still look up to her a lot and even in this short time I've learnt a lot from her. Super nice to have someone on the same wave length as you in so many ways! Love you all time Sarah :)

After all that partying I made a farewell meal of spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes and mackerel. The very much needed detox started there and it's back to the lemon water! 

Note to self: Happiness is only real when shared 

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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