Thursday, 1 May 2014

What I Did Over Easter

I've been such a bad blogger recently because of uni but I'm almost finished it's scary! I got my two assignments finished early tonight so I thought I'd write up my Easter post. It basically covers 3 weeks, that how bad my blogging has got! 

First this I done when I flew back home was have a bath. I miss them so much at uni because I only ever have showers as our bath isn't the nicest. So I popped the marshmallow Lush bath bomb in, poured a glass of rose and put my music on. Pure bliss!

One Friday night, me, mummy, my auntie and cousin went out to an Indian for dinner. I had bombay potatoes and tarka daal and quite a few glasses of red wine! It was so much fun catching up with the family, a lot of pictures like the one above were taken. It was some craic. 

Of course once I was home I had to catch up with my main girls as well. Our local RamJam was calling so for Easter Sunday well all had drinks at the house and headed for the bar. It's nice living in a small town sometimes, literally everyone was in the same place!

Dude, I'm engaged! Spoiler (not really much of one tbh).
So as well as going out drinking I watched a lot of Netflix. I lived the dream over Easter. I watched all 13 episodes of Orange is the new Black which I LOVED! I really didn't think I'd like it, that's why I held off for so long but I decided to give it ago. No regrets. 

I also came in drunk one night and watched Valiant, which for those of you who don't know, is an animated film about a carrier pigeon in the world war. Cool right? Haha well, it was that film that re sparked my love for ewan mcgregor. I'm literally obsessed. 

Me and my chummy Matty went to Belfast one Saturday for the lols. Look how cute he is, I can't. We ate, we drank, we shopped. And we also got piercingssss. I finally got my nose pierced which I've already done a post on here!

I also went to a wedding over Easter. I live for wedding parties like I am 100% here for them. So I got a new dress which I LOVE, it's a 60s style shift dress and I'm just dying about the pattern. I also tried to have my hair matching in a sort of beehive style. 

Please excuse the above pictures French but over Easter it was all about positive vibes. Every once in a while something happens in life that makes you think about the big picture. My big picture is filled with positive vibes only. 
You do you and you'll be grand :)

A lot of these pictures are on my instagram if you fancy a follow click HERE!

Hopfully after uni I will be able to post a lot more and for that, I am excite :)
Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. You certainly had a busy Easter! Good luck with all your new adventures and this new season in your life! I'm sure they will all be wonderful.

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  3. Love the last photo, and the red lipstick really make a statement, you look gorgeous! xoxo


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