Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I'm Listening To #4

To start the year off, I've tried to go for a more uplifting theme for this WILT. Yea that's right, it's got it's own abbreviation, it's that established. So more sounds that make you happy and want to dance and live life! Yeah, life! Woo!!

AWOLNATION - Kill Your Heros

Granted from the title and maybe the first line it doesn't seem very uplifting but just wait until the chorus kicks in, I hope you'll be happy you gave it a chance :)


King Charles - Lady Percy 

This came out about a year ago and was a really great summer song. I don't know why he has gone off the radar a bit because his album is brilliant. 

Saint Raymond - Young Blood

Thanks Zane for making this the hottest record or I probably wouldn't have heard it. If you don't know who Zane is, he is a Radio 1 DJ that's based in London and his hottest records are usually spot on!

American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

I heard this recently on a TV advert, it's got such a feel good vibe.

Spector - Celestine

I had this in my first year university video because it went really well with the night out clips so it just reminds me of really good times!

Imagine Dragons - Cha Ching

It may start of slow but it's a really good tune as well as Working Man!

Hope these songs are a good start to your year and make you feel happyyyyyy.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x

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  1. Uuuuu I love a little music inspiration! :D Thanks for this lovely list! ^_^


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