Friday, 1 November 2013

Kate Moss Lipstick | Vamp

This is just a post to show how I wore the Kate Moss lipstick (004) I love the vampy vibe, especially now that it's getting darker earlier. Defiantly my favourite time of year!. 

Everything is probably from Primark, I've had a lot of the stuff for a while but I am the Primark Queen so it's a good guess. The hat which isn't shown clearly is from H&M and the necklace is from River Island and also the glasses are Gok Wan incase anyone wanted to know :)

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x


  1. Haha, wouldn't call it a sad vibe, but you rock that colour.

    Hmm maybe...

    1. haha I had a different picture to start with and I took it out because I looked really depressed and I forgot to change the description. Most of my clothes are pretty dark so I think it goes better and I just love wearing purple lipstick!

  2. That lipstick colour is really nice and it looks good on you. Also love the glasses! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin? Let me know :)



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