Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I'M 21

So on the 26th October 2013 I turned 21. Scary biscuits. 
I had the most amazing weekend ever thanks to all my lil chummys especially Lorna and Tash who flew over from Ireland on the 24th and stayed to the 28th! Unbelievable, they honestly made the weekend for me. The three stooges, bears, musketeers, amigos, little pigs what ever you want to call us but we are defiantly three sisters. (excuse the soppyness)

Me and my sisters <3

Within our five day weekend we ate out quite a lot, taybarns, burritos, subway, frankie & bennys and we also drank a lot, cocktails, beer, wine, shots and even frosty jacks, ah nostalgia. So all that plus shopping, movies, clubs, housepartys and a whole lot of laughing made up my 21st birthday week which I am so grateful for.  

On the first night we hit the toon, prinks at mine, Jalou for cocktails then dancing at Digital.

 Me and Tash with the ultimate pouts :*
 Tash, me and Maff with our yummy cocktails
Me and Kerry (the cool kids)
and this is me and Maff at 4am in a pizza shop, classy.

On the Saturday, my actual birthday, I had a house party filled to the brim with all my good friends. One of my besties Joe bought me the best gift ever, a guest book. I am mad about memories so this was perfect!

I love reading over it and I'm sure I'll love it even more in years to come

There's so much I could write on this post but I don't want to make it too long for Future Frank but I had the most awesome week ever and I'm so thankful to all my friends who made it happen. 
Here's to the next 21 years, sláinte.

Speak Soon, Stay Lucky x 


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