Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Top Ten | Albums

Another in the Top Ten series. Albums.

I think my cousin introduced me to this album, it was so different to the pop I was listening to at the time and probably opened my mind up to different genres.

This was our family car album. I feel like every family has one of these. It was always on, we never changed it and everyone knew every lyric to every song. Made for really great long drives.

This could be my favourite album, ever. Big statement to make, hence why I said maybe, I just can't commit! Every song is beaut and reminds me of being the age I am now if that makes sense. It makes me nostalgic for now, yeah that doesn't make sense.

Soulful, haunting, mesmerizing voice. I just love her and this album.

They had a bumpy ride but I was a fan right from the start 'brother'.

I was given this album as a present when I spent my first Christmas in Australia. Had no idea who she was or what kind of songs she sang but I now enjoy every song on the album still after however many years it's been.

I saw these guys support Florence and The Machine before The Horrors not knowing who they were. As soon as I got home I done my research, they had made such an impression on me. Ended up loving them and this album.

The most heaviest album on the list and some people would still call it pretty light. I became obsessed with their song Jeremy and the story behind it that I naturally started listening to the album that it was on and loved it.

Summer, summer, summer, is what it reminds me of especially 'Young Blood'. My friend has it on vinyl and we would listen to it and it would take me back to just being outside with my friends in the summer time. We don't really do that anymore, just chill outside.

Me and my friend Katrina's favourite band, we seen them play in our local student's union and it was one of the best night's of our lives. I remember buying this album rushing hoe, putting it into the CD player and just lying on my bed listening to it in full for the first time. Magic.

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