Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June | a little update

I'm dipping in and out of Game of Thrones as I write this post, I have to be a wee multitasker now because last month I started a new job. Before that I had so much free time that I barely did anything with. Now that half my time is taken up I've been doing more with my free time. I feel like I'm participating and I feel happy. It's hard to gather any momentum for anything when you are stuck or stood still. At least now that I'm moving it will be easier to steer myself in a new direction. Every step is a step closer to where I want to be.
With a job comes money, which was my first step. It's helped me pay and plan trips and save up for gadgets that will improve my blog and creativity in general.

I'm slowly getting my positive vibes back now that my mind is busy and active. I'm concentrating now on being the best person I can be in body and soul. I also want to work and improve a lot on this blog and my involvement in the blog world. I want to be proud of the post I publish and not just publish a post because I haven't in a while.

I'm super optimistic about the second half of 2015 and excited for my upcoming 2nd blogaversary!


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