Friday, 3 April 2015

March in Frames

How can it be April already? March just flew by, when I was making my March Playlist I didn't even have any new singles only albums, it just went by so quick. Anyway's this post is all about rounding up March's best bits. Being Irish, when I think of March I think of Paddy's Day. This year's was one for the books. Basically it got so messy I lost my bag containing my purse with my ID and bank card and my iPhone *super sad crying face* so in March I got a new phone. However this month was filled with a lot of positives too, let's take a look shall we?

hung to the over | the train of destiny | reunited with sissy
So at the start of the month I travelled to Scotland! It was an alcohol fuelled trip with only burgers and beers to keep us dancing into the wee hours of the morn. Check out the detailed blog post on my long weekend away here: click!

night on the town | paddy's day w/princess | horsey's 21st
My friend who I was over visiting in Glasgow came home shortly after me for a wee weekend of mummy comforts so naturally that mean a massive session in our local that never disappoints. That night was no exception. 
Paddy's Day in Belfast, vodka in your cornflakes day. Much alcohol consumed, lost bag, ended up in local with the fam bam. Marvellous. Last Paddy's Day was a lot more tame but still alcohol fuelled, check it out: Adventure Time! 
Horsey's (Sorcha's) 21st at the very start of the month. In the local, where else? Good night's craic with the obvious after party. Fabulous. 

There is the lovely month of March in a nutshell. 
Always remember that this is a super hyped edited version of  31 days. It's not always chocolates and roses but stay positive you lovely lot. 

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