Sunday, 7 December 2014

Room Tour | Arts & Crafts Pegged Photo Frames

I though I'd show a few of my photos and how I display them in my room. I saw this pack on eBay for only 99p and thought it was the cutest idea ever! I'm sure it's easily made by hand, but for 99p I couldn't not buy it. The photos don't fit exactly and it does look all over the place but I like it messy and I'm sure the photos will change over time. The pack is below and it was such quick cheap delivery. 

I have a lot, a lot of photos so I like finding other ways to display them around my room, especially because it's small so it's great having them displayed in different ways other than just setting them on a shelf was great! 


Please feel free to comment, I really appreciate and enjoy reading them!

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