Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Visit from Joe

On the first weekend of September I had a visit from my favourite non-Irish person in the world eva eva! My handsome, funny, delightful friend Joe (he reads this blog so I gotsta be nice). 
Now that I don't live in England, it's hard to keep up with uni friends because we don't see each other everyday any more so making the effort which your specials is really important! I already have my trip planned over to them, makes me happyyyyy.

Joe had the night flight on the Friday so when we got in the max chill sesh commenced. The Saturday morning we sat down to breakfast with my friend Lorna in Granny Bo's which is a cute wee cafe in town. On Saturday night we hit Belfast, not before taking some photies that made us realise how much shorter I am than Joe, sad face. Sunday morning, Sunday roast of course in my granny's then off to Murlough beach with Niamh. Finally a wee goodbye lunch on Monday before leaving Joe back to the airport. Goodbye sadness.

I had such a lovely weekend with one of my bestest chums and not long until we party and play super mario again! 

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